Mobile Shredding Services

mobile-shredding-truck-local-shredding-servicesMobile Shredding is one of the most convenient of all the shredding services that we offer- especially if you need to witness your shredding.

This comprehensive shredding service combines the safety and security of having a professional shredding company shred your documents with the ability to come to your office or home and take care of your shredding while you watch!

Document-Shredding offers free quotes on secure mobile shredding throughout the country- and you get to select the right mobile shredding company for your needs.

Once you fill out the simple quote request to the right, you’ll have free, no obligation quotes from reputable local providers in minutes.

If you have a large number of documents to shred, or want a more affordable way to shred your files, we also offer offsite shredding where we still pick up your documents, but instead of shredding them onsite, we take them to a secure facility and shred them there.

I’m Interested- But How Does Mobile Shredding Work?

Our network of mobile shredding partners are ready to help you with your project- once you submit a free quote with your information, here’s what happens next:

  1. Your preferred provider delivers locked document storage bins to your location.
  2. You fill the bins with documents, files and other papers that need to be shredded.
  3. When you’re ready, contact the provider you chose, and they’ll schedule a time to come to your office.
  4. Mobile shredding trucks shred everything- you can even watch the entire shredding process.
  5. When the job is complete, they’ll provide a certificate of destruction for compliance purposes that states when, where, and how much was shredded.
  6. The shreds of paper are recycled with thousands of others at a secure facility.


Keep in mind that our shredding partners never come in physical or visual contact with your documents. Let us connect you to a reputable shredder that can shred your documents while you watch from your office window.  It’s quick, easy and affordable!

So When Is Mobile Shredding Required?

TAre You Protectedhere are some specific instances where mobile shredding isn’t only the most convenient option- it’s something that is required by regulations or industry standards.

Here are a few instances where you might want to consider using mobile document shredding exclusively.

  • I have negotiable instruments that need to be shredded

Cash equivalents like coupons, unused/blank checks, stock certificates, and bond certificates should be witnessed by a company manager to eliminate the risk of fraud or misuse.

  • I want to see it destroyed

Mobile shredding allows you to see that your documents were shredded 100% before they left your property.  If you have sensitive corporate documents, personnel files, or other materials related to your business that need to be destroyed, mobile shredding allows you to witness the process from start to finish.

  • It’s easier for a shredding company to come to me

Mobile shredding companies can work around your schedule- It’s that convenience and flexibility that eliminates the stress of having old documents piled up waiting for an ill-timed audit or lawsuit.  You pick a time that works for your schedule, and they’ll come to your location.

Mobile shredding is a great way to shred your documents quickly and efficiently. To learn more about mobile shredding, visit our blog!

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