Document Shredding Services

document-shredding-servicesDocument shredding services are important every business that has paper documents.

Just one data breach can cause millions of dollars in lost business, PR nightmares, and compromised information.

If you need shredding, but aren’t sure what type of service to use, this information will help you make an informed decision.

Document-Shredding provides secure shredding services for individuals, businesses and other entities throughout the nation.   We offer several different types of services:

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding allows you to have your documents shredded securely- while you watch.  A mobile shredding truck can come to virtually any location and shred files and papers right there at your curbside while you watch. Mobile shredding is a convenient way to get secure shredding without having to worry about your documents leaving the office.

Offsite Shredding and Pickup Services

Offsite shredding is when a shredding professional comes to your location and picks up the documents you want to shred in secure, locked bins.  Instead of shredding them onsite, the provider transports your documents to a secure shredding plant and co-mingles them with thousands of other papers, making it virtually impossible to decipher your information from anyone else.

Walk-In and Dropoff Services

For smaller projects, we offer several different walk-in shredding locations where you can have your documents shredded by the pound.  It’s an easy way to get your documents shredded without having to deal with scheduling a mobile shredding or offsite shredding service.

Steps in Our Offsite and Mobile Shredding Processes

Dropoff shredding is affordable, but not tremendously practical for larger shredding jobs.  That’s why we like to highlight our mobile and offsite shredding process- it’s extremely convenient, and allows you to manage your document destruction plan much more efficiently.

  1. Submit a quote request by filling out the short form to the right or by giving us a call at (800) 503-0576.  Several local shredding companies  will provide quotes for your project.
  2. Select the shredding service that fits your budget and requirements.  Your selected shredding company will provide locked bins for your location.
  3. Contact your shredding provider to schedule a time to shred your files onsite or have them picked up when they’re full.
  4. When all your files are shredded, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction to verify your documents have been disposed of properly.

As a reminder, no one involved in the shredding process will come into physical or visual contact with your documents.  Each company also verifies that any and all inventoried documents were properly destroyed and cannot be recovered.

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