Nationwide Document Scanning Services

document-scanning-servicesDigital documents are revolutionizing the way documents are handled and how we collaborate within and outside of the office.

Paper file conversion allows you to index all critical documents for easy retrieval, and gives you access to information anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Document scanning is one of the most efficient ways to use your date- it helps you minimize the time it takes to find that all-important file, and eliminates some of the headaches that paper documents cause- along with the costs costs associated with storing paper files.

Hiring a local document scanning company allows you to empower your employees, increase their productivity, improve your business processes, and eliminate waste.

Custom Document Scanning Based On Your Business Needs

Our network of local scanning service providers help businesses migrate to a paperless office or digital filing system quickly and easily.  Their proven methods combined with the latest scanning software and equipment can help you manage your documents better and change the way you do business.

A document management company takes the hassle, time and worry out of your records scanning project.  Each quote they provide will be customized for your project- and they’ll take the time to step you through every part of the project.   The also offer the ability to convert files to text with optical character recognition (OCR) software, allowing you to edit documents, or redact private information.

From helping you find an electronic document management system that works with your business to helping you index and organize your files, let our local experts lead you to the right solution.

Document Scanning For Any Industry

Our expertise can be used in any industry, but here are a few that we specialize in:

Medical Practices – Whether you are a single practitioner or a hospital, let us connect you with a local scanning company to help you covert patient files and medical records to electronic health records (EHR). They can also refine your data capture processes to make the integration seamless.

Legal Firms – Streamline your records storage and retrieval is critical for the tight timelines legal firms have to adhere to. We can even send a secure truck to scan files on site if required at the offices of your client, or even to your opposing counsel.

Accounting Firms – Maintaining ongoing, current, and past hard-copy client files can be costly.  Digitizing these records gives you the ability to find them quickly in the event of an audit.

Architecture Firms – Our large-format scanners can handle any size of engineering drawings and blueprints, making them available anywhere and easy to find without having to maintain a hard copy library.

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