Document Shredding Service Ventura, CA

Ventura Document-ShreddingVentura, California is a destination spot which really captures the heart and soul of the California lifestyle. Beautiful, sandy beaches share the landscape with warm temperatures to have you feeling warm all year round. Ventura is not only blessed with a great scenery but also some of the best, local breakfast spots and breweries for miles around.

Document Shredding Services in Ventura, CA

In a fast-growing and diverse community, Document-Shredding is here to provide paper shredding services from local companies who are experienced in handling the job safely and affordably. Shredding options include mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding. Each of these service options are carefully implemented to make sure that all your home or business requirements are met.

Mobile Shredding in Ventura

If you want the security of a shredding service sent straight to your door, the mobile shredding service is the best option to suit your needs. With mobile shredding, a local service provider that is teamed up with Document-Shredding will send out a truck equipped with an industrial shredder, capable of turning your sensitive documents into smithereens. Not only is this a convenient option, but also great for those who would like to witness the destruction of their documents. Our handlers never come into any physical or visual contact with your documents.

Drop Off Shredding in Ventura

Drop off shredding services are available all around the Ventura region to offer a convenient way for you to shred small to medium sized projects. Simply pack up your documents and transport them to a participating drop off shredding location. Our experienced professionals will take your documents and shred them for you. Once the shredding is completed, the remains are recycled.

Local Service Contractors in Ventura

Large-volume shredding projects require a different type of service. Local service contractors are all around the Ventura area that can provide their offsite shredding service. With this option, you will be provided with locked bins that can store your documents until they are ready to be picked up and shredded offsite. You can even request a certificate of destruction that will detail the time and location of your paper shredding for your records.

Laws and Regulations in Ventura, CA

California Breach Notification Bill (AB-1710) – expands upon existing laws that protect the personal information of California residents

California Shredding Law – helps protect consumers from identity theft, requiring businesses to destroy customer or tenant records to make them unreadable or indecipherable

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