Document Shredding Services Cincinnati, OH

Document-Shredding CincinnatiCincinnati is known for two things: barbecue and football. The exciting city of Cincinnati may have made their mark with these two staples, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. Cincinnatians may have common interests on the weekends when they are rooting on their favorite sports team while enjoying brisket sandwich, but there is also plenty of diversity during the weekdays from the intellectuals attending the universities to the devoted working class.

Document Shredding in Cincinnati

Document-Shredding is your solution to all your paper shredding needs. We are partnered with local contractors in Cincinnati that offer specialized shredding services that can accommodate any project size and schedule. Service options include mobile shredding, offsite shredding, and drop off shredding locations. We are teamed with local professionals all around Cincinnati and beyond, including Columbus and Cleveland.

Cincinnati Mobile Shredding

Document-Shredding can offer mobile shredding services which bring the shredding company to your curbside. With this service option, a mobile truck will arrive at your location and shred your papers onsite using an industrial shredder. Not only is this a convenient option to get your paper shredding done, but also a secure way to witness the destruction of your documents. Once the shredding process is complete, our handlers will recycle the remains for you.

Drop Off Shredding in Cincinnati

Drop off shredding services are conveniently located all around the Cincinnati region so that you can shred your documents whenever you have the time. With this option, simply pack up your documents and drop them off at one of our drop off service locations. Our handlers will perform the shredding and recycling of the remains for you. Typical locations charge about $1 per pound of documents.

Cincinnati Local Service Contractors

Cincinnati has several offsite shredding contractors who are available to perform all your shredding necessities for large projects. Our local service contractors will pick up your documents in locked bins and transport them to be shredded in an offsite location. As always, our handlers will never come into any physical or visual contact with your documents so that you know your information will remain safe.

Laws and Regulations in Cincinnati

Ohio Revised Code 1349.19 – requires that all entities that own computerized data release a notice of certain breaches of its security system

Ohio Revised Code 1347.12 – requires that all government or political agencies must release a notice of certain breaches of their security systems

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