Document Shredding Services Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ ShreddingTucson, Arizona pushes the limits on everything it touches. With wild and vibrant flavors of the southwestern cuisine to innovate technology companies, the bounds that Tucson make seem to be greater, year after year. The outdoorsy lifestyle of the Tucson residents are made very clear with bike racks and lanes integrated in just about every location.

Document Shredding Services in Tucson, AZ

Document-Shredding provides the paper shredding services that Tucson so desperately needs. Local contractors are teamed up with Document-Shredding to provide consistent and high-quality services including mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding services.

Mobile Shredding in Tucson

Mobile shredding is a great option to have the shredding service come to your location and perform the shredding onsite. With this service, a mobile truck will be sent out to your curbside with an industrial shredder. You can witness the destruction of your documents for legal or personal reasons. Our local professionals never come into any physical or visual contact with your documents to ensure that your information remains safe.

Tucson Drop Off Shredding Services

Drop off shredding locations are all around the Tucson and Arizona area to make it convenient for you to drop off your paper shredding project at your own time. Locations include Phoenix, and Glendale . If you have a small to medium-sized shredding project (up to three boxes), the drop off shredding is your best value at around $1 per pound of documents.

Local Service Contractors in Tucson

For large volume projects or locations needing a regularly scheduled service, local service contractors offer the offsite shredding service. With this service, your home or business is provided with lockable bins to store your documents until they are ready to be picked up for shredding. A secure truck will come pick up your documents and transport them offsite to be shredded and recycled. Our handlers never come into any physical or visual contact of your documents.

Laws and Regulations in Tucson

Ariz. Rev. stat. 44-7601 – law sets forth the guidelines by which an entity shall redact information from or destroy entirely any document containing personally identifiable information prior to disposal

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