Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

There is no question that the rise of identity thefts and the increasing sophistication of technology are strongly correlated. estimates a whopping 15 million residents of the United States have had their identities stolen in the past year!

Cyber criminals can use technology to aid in their malicious attempts to steal other people’s hard-earned money. Some common technologies you may have heard about include credit card skimmers at ATM’s and gas station pumps, or radio frequency scanners that can acquire your credit card information from up to ten feet away.

These methods of identity theft often make the news because they seem to be the latest and most innovative tools that cyber criminals have mustered over the past several years.

On the contrary, a leading cause of identity theft in the United States stems from careless mistakes of employers in the workplace.

Business identity thieves are looking for the easiest ways to commit fraud. Many times, the criminal is using a simple and primitive approach to obtaining private information.

Misplaced or improperly disposed documents that contain Personally Identifying Information are some of the first things that identity thieves look for. Whether in trash cans or laying out in the open, these papers can cause serious financial harm to you or your company.

The Mind of an Identity Thief

Identity theft quoteLet’s dive right into the psychology of someone uses criminal activity to fund their lifestyle.

The first thing they look for is unsuspecting and easy victims. Where can they strike gold that takes the smallest amount of effort ?

Now ask yourself this question: Is it easier to dig through a pile of papers in the trash or workplace and find private information that can be used to commit fraud, or to buy a credit card skimmer on the black market and unknowingly install it somewhere public?

Probably the former.

So the target is set. What is the next step?

Obtain those confidential files and use them to call credit cards or make fraudulent charges.

And just like that, identity theft has been committed.

Actively Protecting Yourself is Actually Pretty Easy

Identity thieves don’t make the obtaining of others’ private papers an impressive or complicated feat. You won’t see any building blueprints and ventilation break-ins using wires here.

Instead, a paper left in plain sight on an open desk or a company’s practice of disposal without shredding first is about as easy as it gets.

So what should you do?

Make sure you and your entire organization are employing safe disposal practices.

This can mean one of two things:

You can make a designated category of papers that MUST be shredded before they are thrown out, or you can shred all your papers to ensure that a confidential document doesn’t escape with the others.

Both options are fantastic ways to keep your information protected and have criminals moving on from targeting your business.

Document-Shredding Works With You to Protect Your Identity

Whether you have a lot of papers to shred at once or build up documents routinely, Document-Shredding has a plan that can fit your business’s requirements and schedule.

We work with local service providers all around the nation that are trained to handle document shredding services in virtually any industry.

Most of our providers are NAID AAA Certified, meaning they are held to the highest standards in document destruction security.

We offer mobile shredding, in which a truck comes directly to your location and shreds all your documents on-site.

Off site shredding picks up your shredding project in bulk and shreds them in a secure ,off site facility.

There are also drop off shredding locations scattered around the country, which allows you to shred at impromptu times that you need them.

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