Document Shredding Services Seattle, WA

Seattle ShreddingEven in the rainy region of the Northwest, Seattle proves to be one of the most productive and beautiful cities in America. With tech industries that are multiplying in the area, other industries are becoming to see growth as well due to the city’s rapid expansion.

Seattle is also a gorgeous landmark boasting creative architecture and lush greens that populate the walls all around the city. If you want to explore what the city has to offer, you can find everything from exhilarating sporting events to fantastic fine dining options.

Document Shredding Services in Seattle

Document-Shredding offers mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding services to the homes and businesses of Seattle. We work with a network of contractors who are based in Seattle and nearby areas who are experienced in handling all of your paper shredding needs. Service providers are all around the Washington area, including Kent and Spokane.

Seattle Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding services are our specialized paper shredding service in which a truck comes directly to your location to shred all your documents onsite. You can witness the safe destruction of your documents, whether it be for legal reasons or personal reassurance. All the waste is always recycled by our environmentally friendly service providers.

Drop Off Shredding in Seattle

Drop off shredding services are located all around the Seattle region to make it convenient for you to shred small to medium-sized projects whenever you need. With this option, simply pack up your documents and take them into a participating drop off location. Most locations charge about $1 per pound of documents.

Local Service Contractors in Seattle

For large volume projects, our local service providers can also offer their offsite shredding services. This service sends out a truck to your location to pick up your documents and shred them in an offsite location. You are provided with lockable bins for your organization to keep your confidential documents safe in between pickups. As always, our service providers will be sure to recycle all the remains after shredding.

Local Laws and Regulations in Seattle

Wash. Rev. Code 19.215.020 – states that any business entity must take all reasonable steps to destroy personal, financial, and health information and personal identification numbers in any business records when disposing of records

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