Why Identity Theft Criminals Love Recycling

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all criminals wear black masks with striped shirts.

Identity thieves are everywhere. They can be the person you just crossed on the street, that seemingly quiet neighbor at the end of the block, or even a co-worker at your office.

One of the first places that an identity theft preys on is the workplace recycling bin.

Just about every office takes advantage of a recycling system. A blue or green plastic bin with a recycling symbol printed on the side is hardly a rare sight at any place of business.

More and more companies are making the choice to be environmentally-friendly and utilize recycling bins around the office.

This is great news!

In the United States alone, about 43 million tons of paper were recovered in 2013.

With so many environmentally-conscious businesses, it can take just a few days for these bins to be overflowing with papers.

While you may walk past a recycling bin stacked with papers and think that the company intern will dispose of them later on, identity thieves are seeing a very different picture. 

In fact, identity thieves only see an opportunity.

Recycling: Good Intentions Gone Bad

Recycling Document-ShreddingWhile recycling is beneficial to the environment and promotes a work culture that advertises a sustainable office, there can be slight drawbacks.

Many times, identity thieves choose recycling bins as one of their primary sources of private information.

When you’re at the office and you see your recycling bin, how many times are the papers in them in perfect condition?

Almost always.

Here’s why…

The office is an “assumed” safe-space.

You trust your work employers and your fellow employees. You certainly don’t expect someone in your office to take any of you or your company’s private information and use it against you.

But that is always a risk.

Internal theft is one of the main causes of a data breach or business identity theft in the United States.

Here’s a more likely risk:

The Supreme Court ruled that any trash that is placed on your curbside is considered public property.

This means that all those fully-intact papers that the intern has taken out to the garbage is now open to be taken by criminals.

Most of them are useless to anyone, even to the most sophisticated identity thief.

But if just one of those papers contains any confidential information, it alone can cause enough financial damage that can take years to fully amend.

Shred Away Identity Theft

Document ThiefProtecting your information is imperative to keeping the work of cyber criminals and identity thieves at bay.

Shredding your documents through a reputable destruction company is one of the best ways to ensure that your files are not used in the future against you.

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