Why Choose NAID AAA Certified Data Destruction Companies?

When it comes to choosing a reliable document destruction service, an National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)  AAA certified vendor is a guarantee that you’re shredding project will be handled in the highest standards.

A long history of document destruction laws shows how much weight the United States government puts on the importance of protecting personal information.

One primary example of a recent document destruction law occurred in 2005, when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set out the Facta Disposal Rule. This rule states that all consumer reports that include sensitive and private information must be adequately destroyed by employers in the workplace.

This mandate set forth by the FTC consequently raised a concern that the new requirement would motivate an influx of fresh, yet unqualified data destruction companies.

The NAID is the only nationally recognized organization for consumer protection that audits the qualifications of data destruction service providers.

HIPAA What Makes NAID AAA Certified Companies More Secure?

When it comes to data destruction companies, the NAID is the only association that rigorously maintains their standards of security practices.

Here are five reasons why NAID AAA Certified vendors are so reliable:

  1. NAID is the only consumer protection association that audits the qualifications of data destruction service providers while being recognized internationally for their highly-secure policies.
  2. NAID AAA Certified companies meet compliance requirements for various industries, including HIPAA and the FACTA Disposal Rule.
  3. Surprise audits by the NAID association ensure that the certified companies are in daily compliance.
  4. NAID AAA Certified companies are personally recommended by the FTC to adequately destroy all confidential and sensitive documents.
  5. There are over 20 operational specifications of compliance that the NAID enforces, including:
    • 3 level background checks for employees that handle confidential documents
    • particle size of destroyed documents
    • secure transportation process
    • video surveillance
    • record keeping
    • destruction procedure

How to Find an NAID AAA Certified Company

Finding an NAID AAA Certified document destruction service in your area is easy—all you have to do is ask your shredding service provider!

There is one thing to remember!

The NAID AAA Certification is only granted to a single location.

This means an NAID AAA Certification does not encompass an entire organization as a whole. Each individual location has their own responsibilities to obtain and maintain their certification status.

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