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When Information Becomes a Liability

Old information isn’t just a source of clutter. It can also be a potential liability. When sensitive information finds its way into the wrong hands, it can lead to trouble for your organization. Sometimes the damage is direct, in the case of corporate fraud. And sometimes it’s indirect, in the case of legal expenses following the accidental release of customer information.

In any case, data confidentiality demands that the liability must be controlled. It’s not enough to simply throw old documents away, as there are criminals who trawl through rubbish dumps looking for sensitive information. In many industries, shredding is a legal requirement, and there are codes and regulations controlling how documents are disposed of.

If documents can’t be thrown away, they must be destroyed. Once upon a time, that may have meant burning them – but that would cause smoke pollution, and it’s not 100% effective. Often, fragments of documents escape unburned, and there are even methods to retrieve text from paper that has been charred black.

Secure shredding is usually the best option for document destruction. Modern cross-cut shredders can turn documents into confetti that is impossible to read. This paper can then be recycled, or repurposed as filler or packing material.

There is a variety of options to suit your shredding needs. Individuals can buy a small office shredder. Typically, they’re about the size of a waste-paper basket, and they plug into a nearby power point. These models are not as powerful as industrial models, so you need to be careful not to jam them or leave staples in the paper, as they can damage the blades.

At the other extreme, there are modified box trucks that shred huge piles of documents as they are fed into it. Very few organizations shred enough documents to need to buy one, but they can be rented when very large numbers of documents must be disposed of quickly.

For most organizations, it makes sense to get a smaller shredder or to engage the services of a secure shredding company that specializes in destroying documents. This makes it easier to ensure data confidentiality, and also removes the burden of compliance to the company and allows you to get on with your business. They can deal with the cost of equipment and compliance issues concerning environmental regulations and other legal matters.

General Document Management

What to Look For When Choosing a Document Management System

Document management is vital in virtually every organization. Good management of documents helps an organization increase its productivity, save time, operate in many locations, meeting compliance requirements, rescue office space and solution to many office problems. One way to ensure your papers and digital files in your organization are organized using the most appropriate document management system. Nonetheless, there are thousands of document management systems available; hence choosing the right one for you organization can be difficult. However, here are some crucial elements you need to consider for the best buy.

The need for collaboration

You should choose a system that facilitates teamwork in your organization by enabling the sharing files and documents easily. Accessing and sharing of documents should be possible at any place and at any time. To facilitate this, consider a document management system that’s primarily cloud-based, especially for the organization with remote offices or employees in different locations. This will allow every staff be able to retrieve the documents and share with other employees as if they are operating one location.


Security of documents in every organization is critical feature in document management system. An ideal document management solution is the one that provide high level of security to the documents. The system should be able to give options of creating privacy of some documents. A secure filing system makes document access easy when it comes to data governance when it is accessible to many users. Besides securing files from unauthorized access, the system should be able to backup important information at an isolated facility to make sure it is safe from catastrophic events such as fires or floods so that, in case, a disaster occurs you will not lose your important information.

Custom user configurations

You should consider a document management system that accommodates your preferences and that of the other employees in your organization. This will give employees a contented user experience when operating the filing system. For instance, a system that can be customized to convey information in a convention view will improve efficiency in the organization.

Systematic Search Functionality

The document management system ought to boost an exhaustive search function that allows fast retrieval of documents. This among the important factors to consider when choosing a document management system; a good document management system must be able to search through all the documents in your files to give all the files you are looking for at once and quickly.


A document management solution should ensure that it is helping the organization in achieving the compliance with internal policies and regulations.

General Document Management

Identity Theft from Documents

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Document Shredding

Why Should We Shred and Recycle Our Paper Documents?

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General Document Management

Why Degaussing A Computer Hard Drive May Not Be The Solution

Degaussing has been a long accepted practice to get rid of data on a hard drive before disposing of a computer.

It is said the degaussing progress erases data and leaves the data unrecoverable.

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General Document Management

What is Information Science?

Studying the Properties and Processes of Information

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General Document Management

What is Online Document Storage?

Backup Your Files with Online Document Storage

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General Document Management

What is Document Management Useful For?

Data Management Technology Sweeps the Nation

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General Document Management

What is Data Management?

Your Ultimate Business Solution for “Information Overload”

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