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Identity Theft from Documents

Every week, most people go through the routine of having to pull their trash can out of the house and into the curb so that while they are at work, the refuse can be dragged away. This practice has remained as an integral part of modern life to the extent that upon moving into a new neighborhood, we make it a point to immediately know what day of the week is trash day. Read more

Document Shredding

Why Should We Shred and Recycle Our Paper Documents?

Each of us ensures that we lock our doors at night to secure our home against strangers. We carefully guard our passwords and pin numbers, keeping them private and we delete any personal or sensitive information from our email, computer and mobile phones. Yet many of us still do not take these same safety precautions when it comes to the paper documents in our homes and businesses. Read more

General Document Management

Why Degaussing A Computer Hard Drive May Not Be The Solution

Degaussing has been a long accepted practice to get rid of data on a hard drive before disposing of a computer.

It is said the degaussing progress erases data and leaves the data unrecoverable.

While it is definitely a good idea to get rid of data before disposing of a hard drive, one should take a couple of factors into consideration as to whether degaussing is the best solution. Read more

General Document Management

What is Information Science?

Studying the Properties and Processes of Information

Information science studies the properties of information – information flow, information management, information accessibility, information utility, and more. In particular, computer information science focuses on the processes of electronic information, including how to design, run, and maintain computer networks, databases, and systems which allow businesses and organizations to run more efficiently and ultimately more effectively. Read more

General Document Management

What is Online Document Storage?

Backup Your Files with Online Document Storage

Online document storage, also known as online file storage, provides a reliable, advanced means of backing up your important documents. This mode of file backup goes well beyond the standard methods, such as external hard drives, CDs, and USB drives. With information technology continuing to expand and improve, you don’t want your company to be left behind. Investing in online file storage ensures that your business will be more efficient, more effective, and remain on the cutting edge. Read more

General Document Management

What is Document Management Useful For?

Data Management Technology Sweeps the Nation

“What is document management useful for?” and “How can document management help me?” are the questions running through the minds of millions today as the buzz about document management technology sweeps the nation. No matter what industry you work in or what sector of society you represent, document management will most assuredly help you run a more efficient, effective, and profitable business or organization. Read more

General Document Management

What is Data Management?

Your Ultimate Business Solution for “Information Overload”

If you are starting to feel the effects of “information overload” in your work, you are not alone. Perhaps it’s the pile of papers on your desk that keeps growing, cluttering both your mind and your office. Perhaps it’s the number of online documents, folders, and files you are trying to organize and keep track of that seems to be getting out of control. Read more

General Document Management

What is Document Workflow?

Document workflow in the business world refers to the flow of documents between members of an organization, both within and across departments. Workflow also refers to the set of procedures, rules, and protocols by which information is handled on a day-to-day basis, as well as the management of all the tasks assigned to employees. In essence, you could say that workflow is what makes your business tick and hopefully become successful. Read more