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Document Imaging

Document imaging is becoming a vital part of businesses, particularly those in the computing and
communication industries. It has e..

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I found an old report on the document shredding industry which I found interesting. I think the future of document management is strong. If you are looking to get into..

Leyes gubernamentales, los ladrones de identidad, los competidores que buscan los secretos comerciales ... Existen numerosas razones para utilizar un servicio de tritu..

Document shredding involves the destruction of paper documents through various means, including cutting paper into tiny pieces. The best way to shred paper is by using..


Document shredding services can provide an invaluable vehicle for protecting a business or personal homeowner from fraud and identity theft. It is cri..


Our environment plays an important role in the future, so it is important that we do everything that we can to protect it. More and more, corporations..

Due to environmental concerns, most businesses are recycling most of their used and trashed office papers. The most effective way to dispose of sensitive documents is ..

If you use the conventional method for deleting data into the Recycle Bin, the data doesn’t get thoroughly erased and it can be recovered using software. In most..

Business owners have a pretty good idea about the amount of paperwork that can accumulate in their office. If you have lots of documents stored in your office, you wou..

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Lots of people are asking 'What Is Records Management?'

Records management, frequently called 'RM', is a system of organizing, sorting, and retaining reco..

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What is a records retention policy?

Basically, it is a precise and meaningful system for classifying records and implementing a scheme to manage records ..

Hard drive destruction is a vital and necessary part of disposing of an old computer due to the amount of personal and customer data that inevitably accumulates with u..

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Government laws, identity thieves, competitors looking for trade secrets...There are numerous reasons to use a secure paper shredding service. Here are 7 of those good..

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If you're at all like me, you aren't particularly fond of paperwork. It seems like everybody is always trying to give me new pieces of paper that I'm supposed to have ..

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It is important for businesses of all sizes to create an intelligently designed document destruction program.

Shredding documents, files, receipts, paper..

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Using a mobile shredding service is an easy an convenient way for businesses to run more efficiently, take care of their customer's data, and keep trade secrets.

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