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Paper Shredders

This area of the site contains information about various types of paper shredders from brand names such as Fellowes, Dahle and much more!

Personal Paper Shredders
Home Office Paper Shredders
General Office Paper Shredders

Various Types Of Paper Shredders

Strip Cut
Cross Cut
Confetti Cut
Multimedia Shredders - Shreds CS, Tapes, Discs
NSA Standards (National Security Agency)

Shredding Capacity Of Different Sizes & Volumes:

  • Small Office Shredders: 500 sheets per day
  • Office Shredders: Up to 2,000 sheets per day
  • Department Shredders: Up to 12,000 sheets per day
  • High Capacity Shredders: Up to 2 tons of paper per day
home paper shredders - office shredder - industrial shredders -

The best paper shredders are generally chain driven, which makes them stronger and more durable.  The best shredders also at least 'cross cut' the paper.  Strip cut shredders are generally the lowest level of security, and documents can be reconstructed.

Paper Shredder Security Levels

  • Security Level 1: General internal documents
  • Security Level 2: Shredding sensitive internal documents
  • Security Level 3: Confidential documents
  • Security Level 4: Secret, very important documents
  • Security Level 5: Very high level of security, often use for military, federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Security Level 6: Used by DOD Department of Defense & NSA National Security Agency & CSS Central Security Service 02-01: Highest security level, mostly used for the secure destruction of Top Secret, classified documents

Top Paper Shredders

Fellowes http://www.fellowes.com

Dahle http://www.dahle.com

Destroyit http://www.mbmcorp.com/

Intimus http://www.intimus.com/products.cfm?category=1

GBC Shredmaster http://www.gbc-shredder.com/ http://www.factoryd.com/

Whitaker Brothers business machines http://www.whitakerbrothers.com

Industrial Paper Shredders http://www.industrialshredders.com

ABCO http://www.abcosolutions.com/shred1.htm

Jay Bee Manufacturing http://www.jaybeehammermills.com

Rockville office machines Kobra shredders - http://www.rockvilleofficemachines.com/kobra/

Alleghny shredders - http://www.alleghenyshredders.com/

Ameri-Shred - http://www.ameri-shred.com

Semshred - http://www.semshred.com

Aurora Paper Shredders - http://www.aurora-ltd.co.uk

Lynde-Ordway http://www.lynde-ordway.com

Ideal paper shredders - http://www3.ideal.de



Dahle Paper Shredders

Dahle offers a complete line of shredders:
More information on these paper shredders coming soon!

Personal Paper Shredders
30104 Personal Shredder
30114 Personal Shredder

Small Office Paper Shredders
20304 Small Office Schredder
20314 Small Office Shredder
20330 Small Office Shredder
20404 Small Office Shredder
20414 Small Office Shredder
20422 Small Office Shreadder
20430 Small Office Shredder

Office Paper Shredders
20506 Office Shredder
20514 Office Shredder
20606C Office Shredders
20606EC Office Schredders
20612C Office Shredders
20612EC Office Shredders
20614EC Office Shredder
20630EC Office Schreder

Multi-Media Shredders
30406 Multi+Media Shredder
30414 Multi+Media Shredder

Departmental Paper Shredders
30430 Department Shredder
20801C Department Shredder
20803 Department Shredder
20800EC Department Shreder
20813 Department Shredder
20814 Department Shredder
20822EC Department Shredder
20830EC Department Shredder
20831EC Department Schreder

High Capacity Paper Shredders
20390 High Capacity Shredder
20396 High Capacity Shreder
20452 High Capacity Shredder
20453 High Capacity Shredder

High Security Shredders
20434 High Security Shredder
20634EC High Security Shredder
30434 High Security Shredder
20835EC High Security Shredder
20834EC High Security Shredder
20394 High Security Shredder

Deployed Shredders
20434DS Deployment Shredder

XC-100 Disintegrator

Fellowes Paper Shredders

Fellows is a leading supplier of paper shredding machines for personal and general office use.

General Office Fellowes Paper Shredders:

Heavy Use - Industrial strength
Powershred® C-420 CRC: 38420.1
Powershred® 4200SC CRC: 38423
Powershred® 4200CC CRC: 38424
Powershred® C-420C CRC: 38425.2
Powershred® 4800SC CRC: 38430
Powershred® 4800CC CRC: 38431
Powershred® C-480C CRC: 38485.2
Powershred® C-480 CRC: 38480.1

Medium Use 6-10 workers in a department of a company or organization
Powershred® C-380C CRC: 38385
Powershred® C-380 CRC: 38380
Powershred® C-320-HS CRC: 38327
Powershred® C-320C CRC: 38325
Powershred® C-320 CRC: 38320

Light Use - Up to 5 users
Powershred® C-220C CRC: 38225
Powershred® C-220 CRC: 38221
Powershred® C-120C CRC: 34125
Powershred® C-120 CRC: 34120

Personal Paper Shredders from Fellows

Heavy Use - heavy use for home shredders is around 100 sheets per day
Powershred® SB-80 CRC: 32190
Powershred® SB-97Cs Shredder CRC: 32197
Micro-Shred® MS-460Cs CRC: 32460
Powershred® SB-87Cs Shredder CRC: 32187

Medium Use - moderate use - 25 to 50 uses/day
Powershred® PS-77Cs Shredder CRC: 32177
Fellowes® MicroShred MS-450Cs CRC: 32450
Powershred® PS-70 CRC: 32170.1
Poweshred® PS-67Cs Shredder CRC: 32167
Powershred® PS-60 CRC: 38601.1

Light Use - 10-20 shreds/day

Powershred® DS-1 Shredder CRC: 30110
Powershred® W-11C CRC: 30100
Powershred® DS-2 Shredder CRC: 32050
Powershred® P-57Cs CRC: 32057
Powershred® P-55C CRC: 32602.1
Powershred® P-45C CRC: 32400.1
Powershred® P-40 CRC: 32500.1
Powershred® P70CM CRC: 34360