7 Ways a Mobile Shredding Service Can Help Your Business

In order to keep private information protected, many businesses are turning to paper shredding services to adequately destroy their documents.

Proper destruction of documents and files help to ensure that any confidential information that they contain do not end up in the wrong hands.

Your company trash can or recycling bin is an unsafe place for your sensitive documents to end up. From visual hackers to dumpster divers, there are potential criminals all around you who can use your hard-copy files for fraud and business identity theft.

So what is the better alternative?

A document shredding protocol in place at your office to ensure that all your documents are securely destroyed.

Paper Shredder JamYour Shredding Options

When it comes to shredding solutions, there are basically two options: shred your papers internally or hire a professional service to handle the shredding for you.

Shredding your documents in-house is a viable solution for companies who have very little to shred and have documents that don’t contain information that is extremely sensitive.

The cost of buying a shredder, the inevitable maintenance on that shredder in the future (or more likely a replacement), and the cost of wages paid to the employee performing the shredding are all costs that must be taken into consideration.

There is also the risk for potential data leaks or internal theft when trusting a low-level employee with the handling of high-risk information.

The solution?

Hire a mobile shredding service!

Mobile shredding services come directly to your location with a secure truck hauling an industrial paper shredder on-board. All your shredding is done on-site, while you watch!

A mobile shredding service offers your business plenty of benefits, including some that you may not have even have considered.

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Shredding Services

Here are 7 ways a mobile shredding will make your business more secure in the management of sensitive documents while making the entire process much more convenient for all employees:

  1. Save your business costs on paper shredders, supplies, maintenance, and employee wages. Paper shredders are notorious for jams and even overheating that can lead to fires. There’s also the cost of paying an employee to perform the shredding, which can add faster than you think.
  2. Save the time you would spend managing a document destruction plan at your office and let the professionals who specialize in this service to handle it for you. Just have your documents ready when your shredding company arrives, and the qualified professionals will securely shred your papers and properly dispose of them for you.
  3. Increase company awareness on the importance of information security throughout your business with a mobile shredding service. When your employees (and even clients) see that a professional service is being utilized to handle your document destruction, they’ll know that your organization is keen on document security and lead to a culture change.
  4. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that all your confidential and sensitive documents have been properly destroyed. A shred-all policy can further these security measures by destroying all of your documents so there is no decision that is made by your employees on whether a document needs shredding.
  5. Witness the proper destruction of your papers with mobile shredding for personal reassurance or if required by your industry standards. Mobile shredding performs all your shredding on-site, meaning you can watch as your papers are turned into confetti.
  6. Receive a certificate of destruction that details the time and location of your paper shredding service. This certificate is great to keep for your records in instances of a potential data breach.
  7. Your business helps the environment when using a mobile shredding service because all providers make sure to recycle your old, shredded remains and convert them into new paper. With a shred-all policy, you can ensure that all papers that are used in your office are properly recycled.

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