Sacramento, CA Document Shredding Services

Sacramento, CASacramento is a clash of diverse cultures and traditions nestled in a town just hours away from other big name cities such as San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Sports fans, art enthusiasts, and intellectual minds are represented well in the city of Sacramento and its population of nearly half a million.

Continually growing in size, Sacramento is home to many new and seasoned businesses that are making their impact in the professional world. Document-Shredding is teamed up with a network of local contractors who are ready to take on the paper shredding service needs that the Californian city requires.

Document Shredding Services in Sacramento

Document-Shredding offers three service options that can handle all your paper shredding needs in the Sacramento area. Our services include mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding. Each service is specially designed to accommodate specific needs in regards to frequency, convenience, and price. Local contractors are available throughout California in areas such as Los Angeles and Santa Clarita.

Mobile Shredding Service in Sacramento

Mobile shredding services are provided by local professionals who send out a secure truck directly to your location. Each truck is equipped with an industrial shredder so that all your unwanted documents can be shredded right at your curbside. You can watch as your documents are converted into indecipherable confetti. Once your shred project is completed, our professionals will take away the waste to be recycled.

Sacramento Drop Off Shredding Services

Document-Shredding offers Sacramento several drop off shredding service locations so that you can take your shred-ready documents to a drop off service at your own convenience. With this option, simply pack up your papers and bring them into one of several locations and our local professionals will do the rest. Once your papers are shredded, our environmentally-friendly services recycle the paper to be made into new paper.

Local Service Contractors in Sacramento

Sacramento has a number of local service contractors partnered with Document-Shredding that can take care of high-volume shredding projects. If your home or business has accumulated a large amount of documents and needs them to be shredded, our professionals can pick up your documents to be shredded in an offsite location. The offsite shredding service is also ideal for organizations who require a regularly scheduled shredding service.

Relevant Laws and Regulations in Sacramento

California Breach Notification Bill (AB-1710) – bill expands upon existing laws that protect the personal information of California residents

California Shredding Law ( California Assembly Bill 2246) – helps protect consumers from identity theft requiring businesses to destroy customer or tenant records to make them unreadable or indecipherable

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Document-Shredding provides reliable and affordable document shredding services for all homes or businesses in the Sacramento area. No matter your project size, we will find a local contractor that is able to handle the work for you.

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