Portland, OR Document Shredding Services

Portland, ORPortland exhibits a big city’s resources while retaining the intricate and quirky qualities of a small, tight knit town. The food, the outfits, and the people can be described as trendy and different. As the birthplace of Wikipedia, you can also imagine that the city is knowledgeable and profound in many genres.

Document-Shredding has much to offer the city of Portland with a network of local contractors based in Portland who provides reliable and affordable shredding services to both homes and businesses.

Document Shredding Services in Portland, OR

Document-Shredding offers mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and off-site shredding services to homes and businesses in the Portland area (including areas like Eugene and Salem). Our services are provided by local service contractors who are qualified and affordable. Each service is tailored to fit varying shredding projects and schedules to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Mobile Shredding in Portland

With our mobile shredding service, a secure truck will come equipped with an industrial shredder to your curbside. This is a great option for those who would like to witness the destruction of their documents in person. Our local contractors handle the paper shredding process with care and precision, and never come into any physical or visual contact with your documents to ensure your safety.

Portland Drop Off Shredding Services

Drop off shredding services are located all around Portland and the surrounding areas. If you would like to use one of our drop off shredding locations, simply find the nearest, participating partner and bring your documents in to be shredded safely. Most locations charge per pound of documents so you only pay for what you shred.

Local Service Contractors in Portland

Local service contractors can also provide an off-site shredding service for those large volume shredding projects that you or your home may accumulate over time. With this service, a secure truck will make a scheduled pick up of all your documents and transport them in locked bins to an off-site shredding location. This option is ideal for those who would like a one-time purge of documents or require a regularly scheduled shredding plan.

Relevant Laws in Portland

OAR 166-30-060(2) – mandates that any document deemed confidential by law must be destroyed before disposal

Oregon Consumer Identity Theft Protection Act of 2007 – anyone who owns, maintains, or otherwise possesses data that includes a consumer’s “personal information” used in the course of the person’s business, vocation, occupation, or volunteer activities must develop and implement reasonable safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of the personal information, including disposal of data

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