Phoenix, AZ Document Shredding

Phoenix AZOnce you are able to endure the sweltering heat of Phoenix, you’ll find that the capital of Arizona has much to offer. Phoenix proudly boasts some traditional-style Mexican food that is hard to find above the border, captivating sports events, and many growing opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive in.

In Phoenix, you’ll find a diversity of food, cultures, and business opportunities. Document-Shredding is the perfect solution to find reliable and affordable paper shredding services for your home or business.

Document Shredding Services in Phoenix, AZ

Document-Shredding offers mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and off-site shredding services to both residents and businesses who need a reputable and secure paper shredding service. Each service is intended to serve a particular set of needs and are designed to handle specific project sizes.

Phoenix Mobile Shredding Service

Our mobile shredding services are provided by local contractors who will send out a secure truck to your location. Each truck is equipped with an industrial shredder so that your documents can be shredded on site while you witness the destruction. Our professionals will never come into any visual or physical contact with your documents so that you can be assured that your information is safe.

Drop Off Shredding Services in Phoenix

Drop off shredding locations are sprinkled throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas (including areas like Chandler and Tucson) so that you can shred your documents at a time that is most convenient for you. Drop off shredding is ideal for smaller to medium-sized shredding projects. Simply gather up all your unwanted documents, take them to the nearest drop off shredding location, and let our professionals handle the shredding and recycling for you.

Local Service Contractors in Phoenix

Local service contractors can also provide an off-site shredding service for homes or businesses with high volume shredding projects. With this service, a secure truck will pick up your documents from your location in locked bins, then transport them to an off-site shredding location. All the destroyed remains are always recycled to be used for new paper in the future. You may also request a certificate of destruction for your records.

Relevant Laws and Regulations in Phoenix

Data Disposal – law explains that you cannot dispose of certain documents without properly destroying them

Identity Theft Law – explains the possible outcomes in an incident of identity theft

Retailer Use of Personal Identifying Information – when it is permitted to retain or use personal identifying information such as a driver license

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Document-Shredding is your best solution to finding the most reliable and secure document shredding services in your area. With local contractors who are bidding for your shredding project, you are sure to find the right service that is affordable and meets all your needs.

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