Los Angeles, CA Document Shredding

Los Angeles Document ShreddingLos Angeles is a breeding ground of diversity and innovation. The west-coast city known worldwide for its gorgeous beaches, iconic landmarks, and opportunities to flourish in the business realm. With a population close to 4 million people plus all the visitors that drop by every year, Los Angeles is the gateway to professional growth.

Los Angeles offers a great opportunity for businesses to grow, but with it, gives cyber criminals and identity thieves more chances to cause financial damages. Document-Shredding is here to protect you from these crooks with a network of local contractors who provide secure paper shredding services.

Document Shredding Services in Los Angeles

Document-Shredding provides mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and off-site shredding services to residents and homes in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our local contractors make sure to handle all your document shredding needs in a secure and environment-friendly fashion so that you can feel safe knowing your sensitive documents will not reach the wrong hands. Our local professionals are located all around Los Angeles and California, including areas like Huntington Beach and Bakersfield.

Los Angeles Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding is a convenient and secure option to have all the benefits of a shredding service come to your location. A secure and mobile truck will arrive at your location equipped with an industrial shredder to destroy your documents right at your curbside. You can witness the destruction of your documents, whether you need to for personal or legal reasons.

Drop Off Shredding Services in Los Angeles, CA

Drop off shredding locations are stationed throughout the Los Angeles area to make it easy for you to shred projects that range in size from small to medium. With this option, simply pack up your unwanted documents and take them in to the nearest drop off shredding location. Our professionals will handle the shredding and recycling for you.

Local Service Contractors in Los Angeles

For homes or businesses who would like a one-time purge of a large quantity of documents or need a regularly scheduled shredding service, our local contractors provide an off-site shredding service to meet those demands. With this service, a truck will come to your location to pick up your documents, transport them to an off-site location, and finally shred and recycle your papers. Your documents are kept in locked bins until they are destroyed so you can be assured that your information is safe.

Local Laws and Regulations in Los Angeles

California Breach Notification Bill (AB-1710) – bill expands upon existing laws that protect the personal information of Californian residents

California Shredding Law (California Assembly Bill 2246) – helps protect consumers from identity theft by requiring businesses to destroy customer or tenant records to make them indecipherable

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