When to Consider a Document Purge Service

In both your home or office, piled up paperwork is an annoying yet unavoidable part of life.

From the constant influx of mail to the usage of even more papers for important documents, statements, memos, and so on, keep the papers multiplying like rabbits.

It’s time, once and for all, to purge all these documents safely but in an environmentally friendly manner.

The best times to consider using an offsite shredding service to destroy all your documents are when you have a considerable buildup of papers.

It is Time To Purge!

Before you know it, you are living in between a wall of papers and documents stacked all around you.

This is a great time to call a document purge service.

But when else should you use an offsite shredding service?

Most homes and businesses most commonly call for a shredding purge at these times:

  • When moving out of your home
  • Switching office buildings or even office rooms
  • A scheduled annual or bi-annual office cleaning
  • Any time there is considerable document accumulation

A document purge service will pick up your sensitive or confidential documents in bulk and shred them in an offsite facility for you.

They can work around your schedule and make the process as convenient and easy as possible.

How Offsite ShrShreddingedding Works

Offsite shredding companies specialize in handling your documents securely until they are ready to be shredded.

Your home or office is provided with lockable bins to store your documents until they are ready to be picked up. Your locked bins are then picked up by a truck and transported to a secure, offsite shredding location.

Once at the shredding location, they are co-mingled with other documents and thoroughly destroyed. The indecipherable remains are then recycled, to be made into paper again.

Need additional security or reassurance?

Most offsite shredding services can provide you with a certificate of destruction. Each certificate of destruction details the time and location of your document shredding process. This is a great piece of information to have for your records.

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