The Big List of Papers That Need to Be Shredded

In a world cluttered with paper files and documents, it is important to take a few minutes to learn which papers are safe to throw out and which need to be properly shredded.

Private information contained in documents can lead to years of headaches in attempts to rectify financial losses from identity thefts and data leaks.

By taking the simple steps in properly destroying your sensitive documents can eliminate many of these concerns.

Here is a list of the papers and documents you should make sure to destroy properly before you dispose of them:

  • Bank statements or receipts
  • Credit card/debit card statements
  • Financial history reports
  • Pre-approved credit card offers
  • And junk mail containing private information
  • Purchase history files or receipts
  • Any document containing sensitive information about you or your workplace
  • Copies of licenses, birth certificate
  • Expired or unneeded insurance information
  • Expired licenses and identification cards
  • Tax records and information
  • Coupons or vouchers for store managers
  • Unneeded bond and stock certificates
  • Blank and cashed checks

And there you have it. Common papers that you run across on a daily basis that need to be shredded before they are thrown out.

Remember, this is not an all-encompassing list. If you have even the slightest suspicion that a particular document can cause you trouble, shred it!

How Do I Shred My Papers?

Shredding paperLuckily, there are document shredding services all across the country that are trained in handling your confidential documents.

Document-Shredding partners with many of these companies to allow for a wide range of service provider options to choose from.

The beauty in our system is that we help to support the local shredding companies while you receive a competitive quote from all the qualified shredders near you!

Document destruction services include mobile shredding, off site shredding, and drop off shredding.

Mobile shredding is one of the fastest growing options due to its convenience. A truck comes to your location equipped with an industrial shredder to shred all your documents while you watch! This service plan is also cheaper than you think!

Off site shredding is designed for companies or homes who have a large shredding project that needs to be picked up and shredded in a secure, off site facility.

Drop off shredding locations are scattered around most cities to allow you to bring your smaller-sized shredding project in at your own leisure.

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