Las Vegas, NV Document Shredding

Las Vegas, Nevada StripLas Vegas is exploding with noise, bright lights, and a splash of culture from all around the globe. With countless buffets that feature dishes from just about anywhere you can think of, to the sounds of slot machines singing and the bass pulsing from nightclub doors, Las Vegas is never-ending excitement.

Not only is Las Vegas a hotbed for tourists and casual visitors, but also a great place for new businesses to stake a claim in the opportunities that are present there. Document-Shredding is here to offer a reliable and affordable paper shredding service for Las Vegas and areas around Nevada.

Document Shredding Services in Las Vegas

Throughout Las Vegas and areas nearby, such as North Las Vegas and Sparks, Document-Shredding features three service options from local contractors who are experienced in handling any sized shredding projects. Mobile shredding services is a great option for those wanting a shredding service to come to them. Drop off service locations are convenient for a quick drop off of documents to be shredded. And finally, the offsite shredding services are great for large projects.

Mobile Shredding Services in Las Vegas

Mobile shredding services are a great and convenient option to allow a mobile truck to come to your location and shred all your unwanted documents on site. Our trucks are always secure and come equipped with an industrial shredder. You can watch as your documents are turned into undecipherable confetti. Once the papers are shredded, they are transported to be recycled by our professionals.

Las Vegas Drop Off Shredding Services

Document-Shredding is partnered with drop off shredding services that are located all around Las Vegas and Nevada. Simply pack up your unwanted documents and take them to your nearest drop off shredding location. Our local professionals will shred your papers for you and recycle the waste.

Las Vegas Local Service Contractors

Our local contractors offer an offsite shredding service for larger volume shredding projects or organizations requiring a regularly scheduled shredding pickup. With this option, a qualified and experienced contractor will pick up your documents, which are kept in locked bins, to be shredded in one of our offsite shredding locations. This service can be scheduled for whichever frequency makes the most sense for your business, or for a one-time purge of documents.

Laws and Regulations in Las Vegas, NV

Nevada Revised Statutes 603A Security of Personal information – defines security breaches, outlines records destruction processes, and assigns liability to protect Las Vegas citizens’ private information

Assembly Bill 179 – expands upon the definition of personal information to further protect private information from security breaches

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