Denver, CO Document Shredding

Denver, ColoradoDenver, CO is a riveting experience of captivating performing arts, local breweries, over-sized portions at restaurants, a crowd of friendly faces, and a nationwide sports prominence all nestled behind a spectacular view of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. With an average of 300 sunshine filled days, the streets of city are constantly crawling with activity.

Denver is also a key player in innovating and growing industries that include technology and marketing. Document-Shredding is partnered with high-quality contractors in Colorado to handle all of Denver demands for secure, paper shredding services.

Document Shredding in Denver, CO

Document-Shredding offers secure paper shredding services with several options including mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding. Each service is made for a specific sized project and are tailored to fit into your schedule. With local contractors all around the area, including Lakewood and Littleton, you are sure to get the best prices on the highest quality shredding services.

Mobile Shredding Services in Denver

With our mobile shredding service, a secure truck will come to your desired location to shred all your documents on site with an industrial shredder. You can witness the destruction of your documents, whether it be for personal reassurance or legal requirements. Your documents will never be physically or visually contacted by our professionals for added security. Once the shredding process is complete, we will recycle the shredded remains for you.

Drop Off Shredding in Denver

Drop off shredding services allow you to choose when you want to shred your documents. With locations all around Denver and Colorado, you simply have to find the most convenient service location and drop off your unwanted documents. Our professionals will handle the shredding and recycling for you.

Denver Local Service Contractors

Our off-site shredding service is a great option for large-quantity shredding needs. With this service, one of our local contractors will send out a secure truck to pick up your documents from your location. The documents are kept in locked bins until they are safely destroyed and recycled. You may also request a document of destruction for your records.

Relevant Laws and Regulations in Denver

Title 24 – Article 80 of the Colorado Revised Statutes provides for the perseveration of permanent records and the destruction of records that are no longer of value to public agencies

SB03-033 – made significant changes to the Title 24 – Article 80 above. Colorado State Archives as the designee of the Executive Director of the Department of Personnel sets the policy for the preservation of records of enduring value and the destruction of records that are no longer of value

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