11 Common Areas Your Private Documents Are Hiding

From junk mail to receipts to bank statements, your life is constantly riddled with documents that contain personal information. These documents may seem useless to you, but cyber criminals and identity thieves are thinking otherwise.

A single piece of paper containing private information is all it takes for a cyber criminal to steal your identity. The resulting financial damages can take years to repair.

Shredding your papers is a great way to make your personal information indecipherable to criminals. In order to maximize your security, you want to ensure that all of your documents are properly destroyed.

Here are some common places that private documents can hide and must be checked on a regular basis:

  1. Office filing cabinets

Unorganized filing cabinets are a hot bed for accumulating confidential documents. Sure these metal homes for papers seem like a safe storage option, but all that private information is behind a tiny lock (or sometimes no lock at all).

  1. Storage rooms and closets

Often times, you’ll find stacks of papers stashed away with items that are kept in storage that have been long forgotten. Make sure to check these rooms periodically for papers that contain any personal or sensitive information.

  1. Kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers are one of the first places junk mail, receipts, bank statements, and other papers are quickly stashed and forgotten. Destroy these papers before they get into the wrong hands.

  1. Purses and wallets

The first place receipts and pay stubs end up is in purses and wallets. Clean out these items regularly to stay more organized and avoid the worries of losing these sensitive papers.

  1. Basements

The basements in most homes and even office buildings are a great place to store items that are not needed regularly, but also a great place for old, forgotten papers to end up.

  1. Garages

Another common storage room in many homes is the garage. A messy garage can accumulate papers faster than you think!

  1. In and around the trash or recycling bin

Your trash or recycling bin is not the safest place to store your items. Shred your papers before disposal to make sure your papers don’t end up in the wrong hands.

  1. Near or in printer trays, fax machines, and copy machines

Either at home or in the office, printers, fax machines, and copy machines are devices that usually collaborate with your confidential or private files. Check these areas to make sure that you papers haven’t been left behind for the next user.

  1. On desks, or in plain sight

You may think that the papers on your desk are safe but you can become a victim of visual hacking by employees or any person passing by faster than you can imagine. It takes just one glance over your papers to obtain the information from them

  1. Cars

Papers, bills, receipts, and other papers are commonly stored or tossed around in your automobiles. Clean your car out regularly to make sure your papers aren’t lost or blown away in an open window.

  1. “Safe” areas where you keep your papers

If you have a designated area where you keep your papers, such as a desk drawer at the office, make sure that these are not accessible to others. A lock is a great preventative measure, as well as keeping the area a secret.

How To Get Rid of These Papers Safely

When it comes to destroying your confidential or sensitive documents, you want to make sure that they shredded to the point that even the strips become indecipherable.

Cheap paper shredding machines on the market can shred your papers into strips wide enough that they can easily be matched together. These machines are also prone to paper jams, overheating, and burning out over even normal use.

A reliable paper shredding service is your best solution to shred your documents safely, especially for those larger shredding projects.

If you have a lot of papers to shred, consider the mobile shredding service option provided by many local service contractors. A mobile truck will come to your location equipped with an industrial shredder. You can watch as your papers are safely destroyed by a trained professional right at your curbside.

Other shredding service options to choose from include drop off shredding and offsite shredding.

Document Needing Shredding ServiceThe Bottom Line

Practicing safe document destruction and disposal practices can save you from becoming a victim of a security breach or identity theft.

The paper containing your personal information is exactly what criminals are looking for. Stay one step ahead of these crooks and be sure to shred all your papers securely.

A reliable paper shredding service is your solution to saving years of headaches in the future.

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