Pittsburgh, PA Document Shredding

bigstock-view-of-pittsburgh-at-night-fr-92861753In Pittsburgh, you’ll find a distinct and strange local dialect spoken by the residents that is unlike anything you’ve heard in other parts of the country, loyal sports fans waving their “Terrible Towels,” and a demand of french fries stuffed into every sandwich. The city is also rapidly growing their workforce with new and established companies innovating in education, healthcare, and technology. The nickname, “Steel City,” is now just an homage to their historical steel manufacturing background as more prevalent and lucrative industries continue to climb.

Industry and occupational growth are on the rise and Document-Shredding can help in providing reliable paper shredding services for your all residential or professional needs. With several service options to choose from, there is no project too small or large that cannot be handled.

Document Shredding Services in Pittsburgh

Local contractors in Pittsburgh are ready to take on your organization’s paper shredding needs. Whether you need a bulk pickup to be shredded offsite, a drop off shredding service, or a mobile shredding service to do the shredding on site at your own location,  there is a suitable provider in our network of local professionals.

Pittsburgh Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shredding is a convenient and secure way to complete your shredding project at your own location. A secure truck with an industrial shredder will arrive at your location and shred your documents for you while you watch. Our contractors never come into physical or visual contact with your documents so you can be sure that your information is safe. Once the paper is shredded, we transport the remains to be recycled.

Drop Off Shredding Services in Pittsburgh

For times when you have a small stack to a few boxes of paper and want them shredded immediately, our drop off services are located all around Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania area. Simply take your unwanted documents to one of our partnered locations and a qualified professional will receive, destroy, and recycle your papers for you. We have multiple services in just about any region, such as Harrisburg and Lock Haven.

Pittsburgh Local Service Contractors

Large projects or regularly scheduled shreddings are best handled by our local service contractors who specialize in offsite shredding services. A secure truck will come to your location, transport your documents in locked bins, and destroy and recycle the paperwork in an offsite location. These services can be scheduled for a single appointment for on a scheduled basis.

Pennsylvania Security Laws and Regulations

Breach of Personal Information Notification Act – ensures companies and government agencies release a notification of any security breaches on computerized databases

Record Retention & Disposition Schedule with Guidelines – outlines procedures that Pennsylvania courts must abide by

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