Philadelphia, PA Document Shredding

philadelphia-cityscape-skyline-nightPhiladelphia is a town known for its deep-rooted historical beginnings and a continuing, iconic setting for countless films and television series. As the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia instantly attracts new and established professionals to try and make a name for themselves in the business world.

Document-Shredding offers reliable paper shredding services to Philadelphia and all surrounding areas. Local contractors provide structured or impromptu services which can cover a copious amount of different industries.

Document Shredding Services in Philadelphia

Document-Shredding offers three services which are designed to encompass just about all the types of requirements a home or business may need for paper shredding. Mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding all have their own unique qualities and features which are tailored to fit anyone’s schedule, budget, and project size.

Mobile Shredding in Philadelphia

Mobile shredding is a great option for those wanting the convenience of having the shredding come to you. A secure truck with a shredder on board will come to your location and shred your documents on site. With local services serving Philadelphia and surrounding areas such as Collegeville and Harrisburg, you are sure to find a mobile shredding service near you.

Drop Off Shredding Services in Philadelphia

Drop off shredding services are located all around the Philadelphia region to offer a convenient way for customers to drop off a stack of papers (or a few boxes) and have a professional carry out the shredding for you. Once finished, the destroyed documents will be recycled. With locations scattered throughout Pennsylvania, you get convenience and security on your own schedule.

Philadelphia Local Service Contractors

Local service contractors also handle offsite shredding services for homes and businesses needing a single, large quantity purge of documents or a regularly scheduled service. Secure trucks will pick up your documents kept safe in locked bins to be shredded and recycled in an offsite location.

Pennsylvania State Laws

State of Pennsylvania PL. 2014, C.213.51 – requires that confidential records be kept for an allotted period and then disposed of properly. Once the records containing confidential information are past their retention period, they are to be shredded

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