Are Paper Shredding Services Worth it?

So let’s get right down to it. Should you do all your document shredding yourself or hire a service?

The quick answer: it depends.

Here are the factors to consider when determining whether a document shredding service will make sense for you:

  • How much paper are you actually shredding? Is it a lot or a little?
  • Do you own a paper shredder or plan to buy one? Do you understand the maintenance and cost of owning and operating your own shredder?
  • How much do you value convenience?

These factors are important when you are considering your options for which document shredding service will or will not work for you.

Whether you’re a corporate office with boxes and boxes of documents to shred or you’ve had a stack of papers collecting dust in the attic, there are shredding service options for all project sizes.

What About Buying Your Own Paper Shredder?

So why not just buy or rent your own home paper shredder? Well of course you can! In fact, if you only have a page or two to shred every once in a long while, it probably makes the most sense. But there are certainly times when it doesn’t make sense.

Did you ever consider how much a “good” paper shredder costs? The prices range anywhere from $30 for a store-bought shredder, to $4,000 for industrial quality shredders. Obviously, for your home you are going to want to land somewhere in the middle. However, even after investing one or two hundred dollars for a quality shredder, many don’t last more than a couple years at most. Check the reviews and see for yourself.

Home paper shredders are noisy, costly, not built to last, and can cause fire hazards. This isn’t just some paper shredder propaganda, it’s the truth!

When Document Shredding Services Make Sense

Large shredding projects are no match for the shredding services of contractors Shred Nations can find and provide. Off Site Shredding Service contractors are all around the nation and offer a convenient and secure ways to have your documents picked up and shredded at an off site location. The documents are stored in a locked box until they are shredded for added security.

If you don’t require a pick up of your documents or you want to physically watch your documents destroyed (for personal or legal reasons), then the Mobile Shredding Service will best suit your needs. Schedule a secure truck carrying an industrial shredder to come to your location and watch as your documents turn to confetti.

For all your smaller shredding projects, the Drop Off Shredding Services can be found all around the country. Simply find the location closest to you and have your documents dropped off. One of our professional contractors will weigh your documents (they usually charge by the pound) and do the shredding for you.

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