New York City, NY Document Shredding

The Statue Of Liberty And New York City SkylineIn New York City, you won’t find a slice of pizza on any block that’s any thicker than an issue of The Wall Street Journal. The subways are jam packed, the sidewalks are sprinkled with flattened gum, and you’ll bump a few heavy shoulders walking through the city. But everything you hate about New York City is also everything you love about it. The “Big Apple” is always alive and buzzing and the New York residents all share the same goal of making it big.

Document-Shredding is here to serve and protect New York City with secure and reliable shredding services. With identity theft and data breaches being an all too common occurrence these days, destroying private documents has never been more crucial.

Document Shredding Services in New York City

Mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding service contractors are located all around the New York City and the surrounding areas. With top-quality services that are flexible to work with any schedule and shredding project requirements, Document-Shredding is ready to find the right service for you. We serve areas all around New York City including areas such as Brooklyn, Syracuse, and many others.

Mobile Shredding Services in New York City

Finding the time to shred documents can be a hassle, whether you’re doing it at home or for your business. With a mobile shredding service, a truck carrying an industrial shredder is sent to your location to shred your documents for you. Following the shredding, the remains are sent off to be recycled.

New York City Drop Off Shredding Services

For times when you have a stack of documents to shred and some time on your hands, use our drop off shredding services to quickly and securely destroy your documents. With locations scattered throughout New York, you’ll be sure to find a location near you. After dropping off your documents, one of our qualified professionals will destroy and recycle your papers for you.

New York City Local Service Contractors

If your home or business has lots of papers to shred, our local service contractors are able to pick up your shredding project on a scheduled or one-time basis. Enclosed in our locked bins, your documents will be transported to an offsite location to be destroyed and recycled. This option is ideal for those who have accumulated a lot of paperwork over time or need a regularly scheduled service.

Laws and Regulations in New York City

New York State Archives Laws for Privacy and Shredding – get details on retention and disposition schedules in New York and schedules for non-government records

New York Information Security Breach and Notification Act of 2005 – includes requirements to inform individuals when a breach of security that has caused a loss or when personal information has been released

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