Manchester, NH Document Shredding

“Live, freeze, and die” isn’t exactly what New Hampshire hero John Stark was quoted as saying, but the residents of Manchester have adopted it quickly after enduring years of the bitter cold, winter months. Known for its long and snowy winter season, an extremely photogenic countryside during the fall foliage, and a wide selection of locally grown meat and produce, Manchester is a gorgeous destination for visitors and future residents. New Hampshire is also one of the most affordable places to live in America. Document-Shredding is here to serve the growing community of Manchester with secure and reliable document shredding services.

Document Shredding in Manchester

The risks of improperly disposing of documents containing any personal information is higher than ever. Document-Shredding has local contractors who can provide several types of shredding services which are tailored to fit specific requirements and budgets.

Manchester, NH Mobile Shredding Service

Mobile shredding is a fantastic option for homes or businesses who would like to have the shredding done at their own location. A secure truck with an industrial shredder will come to your location and shred the documents right in front of your eyes. Certain businesses and industries are required by law to witness the document destruction, making mobile shredding a suitable alternative to shredding the large amounts of paper yourself.

Drop Off Shredding in Manchester

Whether you have a small stack of papers or a few boxes, there is a drop off shredding service location near you to handle all your paper shredding needs. Since most locations are walk-in friendly, this is our most flexible option. Simply stop by a drop off location nearest you and our professionals will securely shred and recycle all your documents for you.

Local Service Contractors in Manchester

Our local service contractors can make a customized schedule to pick up and shred large shredding projects in an offsite location. Secured trucks will transport your documents in locked bins to be shredded and recycled at scheduled intervals that best fit your home or business’ needs. We also handle one time purges for large-quantity shredding projects that may have accumulated over time.

Local Laws and Regulations in Manchester

Document Safe Destruction Act §2445 – the Vermont Safe Destruction Act protects customers by commanding destruction of any of the consumer’s personal information on documents that no longer serve a purpose

Massachusetts Privacy Law – in order to protect residents from identity theft, Massachusetts has set laws in place that require protection on both paper and electronic records

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There are local contractors all around the Manchester and New Hampshire area, such as Concord and Portsmouth, to provide you with multiple professionals to choose from.