Identity Theft Through Your Mail

Identity theft isn’t a new concept for anyone who has been living in the United States. In fact, there are about 15 million victims every single year who can attest that identity theft is a serious problem.

That is one person becoming another victim almost every two seconds!

One.. Two.. Identity theft..

Three.. Four.. Identity theft!

There are obvious ways to protect yourself that you’ve learned or heard about from the media or word-of-mouth.

  • You definitely don’t want to give out any credit card numbers over the phone or email.
  • Never have your PIN number written down near your debit cards.
  • Keep track of your finances regularly.

These are some common sense guidelines that hopefully everyone follows.

But here’s one you probably missed:

Your mail.

Junk MailYou Need to Protect Your Mail

Think about how much mail you receive in one day. How about a week? A year?

Most of that mail is thrown away carelessly. It’s just junk mail, right?


There are cyber criminals out there who specifically target thrown out mail to help them steal people’s identities and cause financial damages that can last for years.

There is mail that is thrown out every day containing private and sensitive information that you would not want in the wrong hands; especially criminal hands.

And the worst part?

Once you throw your mail out in the garbage, it becomes public property!

The Supreme Court ruled that once something is in the garbage and on your curbside, it is now up for grabs by anyone.

What Type of Mail Should I Not Throw Out?

Listing every single type of mail that you should not throw out is much too long and comprehensive.

Just follow these rules:

  • Don’t throw out anything that has any personal information.
  • Any letters or documents that contain any legal, medical, financial, or personally identifiable information should be disposed of properly.
  • Anything with your signature needs to be left out of the trash.

So what do you do with all these letters and documents instead?

Shred Away Identity Theft

Do you own a pair of scissors and have a couple days free?

Great! Start cutting your personal mail to shreds!

But who has all that time? If you would rather save your precious time for something more enjoyable or productive, use a reliable paper shredding service.

A secure paper shredding service is a lot more affordable than you think. They’ll take care of shredding your documents securely, then recycle the waste for you.

Just make sure to keep all that mail in a safe place until you decide how you want to properly shred them.

All the Ways You Can ShredShredded Destroying Confidential Document

If you’re a normal home with a decent amount of mail that you would like destroyed, a drop-off shredding service location is most likely located near you.

All you have to do is gather up your documents, take them to a drop-off location, and let the professionals there shred your documents for you.

Now if your home or business has a little more to shred, or you just don’t want to take your mail to a drop off location yourself, the mobile shredding service can come to you.

This service entails a mobile truck with an industrial shredder to come to your curbside and shred all your documents while you watch.

The last service is the off-site shredding service. This is for large volumes of papers only, so if you’ve been saving up some mail for quite a while or your business accumulates documents that need to be shredded on a regular schedule, this is the service for you.

And one last thing:

All of our services are high-quality, reliable, local contractors who specialize in these services and are trained to take the utmost care in protecting your information.

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