Hartford, CT Document Shredding

Hartford, Connecticut is overflowing with winning basketball tradition, historical figures like Mark Twain, and brilliant minds that are products of its academic prowess. There’s an east coast feel when you roam around the city, meaning everything looks aged and historic, but also fundamental and grounded. Just by glancing over the architecture and streets, you’ll feel like you have stepped back in time.

Document-Shredding Hartford is here to serve the enchanting city with quality and reliable document shredding services. With a myriad of option plans to choose from, there is no job too small or large that we can’t handle.

Document Shredding Services in Hartford

Document-Shredding works with local contractors in the Hartford area and beyond to find the most reliable and affordable document shredding services for your organization. Options include the mobile shredding service, drop off shredding, and offsite shredding programs. Each are tailored to a specific demand of different types of location to maintain an excellent and relevant level or service.

Mobile Shredding Services

Hartford has many mobile shredding services to come to your location at your request. This convenient service will send an industrial shredder on a secure truck to your curbside to shred your documents on site. You can watch your unwanted documents turn to shreds, which will then be transported to be recycled.

Drop Off Shredding in Hartford

Drop off shredding services are a quick and easy way to shred that stack of documents you’ve had laying around, but don’t need an entire truck to come to your location. Simply bring in all your unwanted or sensitive documents and we will do the shredding for you. Typically, the services will be charged by the weight of the documents.

Local Shredding Contractors in Hartford

For businesses or homes wanting a regularly scheduled shredding service, we have local contractors who will pick up your documents and shred them in an offsite location. They can also do a one-time pick up of documents as well if you have a large amount on hand. We always use locked bins to transport the documents to ensure your security and peace of mind. With operations all over Connecticut, including locations like Guilford and Greenwich, you are sure to find a suitable contractor for you.

Laws and Regulations in Hartford

Sec. 42-471. – requires the safeguarding of all personal information including social security numbers, privacy protection policy, and civil penalty

Act 15-142 – requires companies doing business in Connecticut to provide identity theft protection services for 12 months at no cost to a resident whose personal information was compromised

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