Brooklyn, NY Document Shredding

Document-Shredding understands the busy and cutthroat professional culture that Brooklyn has proudly established and offers secure shredding services with multiple options to accommodate the specific requirements of any business or budget. Customizable service plans include a mobile service, drop off service, or scheduled, local service contractors.

Here are the shredding services we provide in the Brooklyn and New York area:

Mobile Shredding Services in Brooklyn

For a convenient and secure way to shred documents without leaving your location, the Mobile Shredding service sends out a truck hauling an industrial shredder to your location. Simply stand by and watch as our local contractors do the shredding for you and transport the remains to be recycled.

Brooklyn Drop Off Shredding

The drop off shredding service is a fantastic way to shred a handful to a few boxes of documents on your own time. With most location’s prices usually charged by the pound, you’ll pay for what you shred with no need to schedule ahead. Our most flexible option takes your documents and does the shredding and recycling for you.

Local Shredding Contractors in Brooklyn

With large amounts of documents needing to be shredded at once, we have local contractors who are ready to pick up your paperwork and shred them in an off site location. This option is ideal for businesses who need regularly scheduled shredding services or for a one-time purge of documents that have been accumulating in your home or office. The documents are stored and transported in locked bins until they are shredded so you can feel reassured that your information is safe with us.

Local shredding contractors are located in Brooklyn and all the surrounding areas, such as the Bronx and New York.

Laws/Regulations Relating to New York

New York State Archives Laws for Privacy and Shredding – get details on government retention and disposition schedules in New York, along with schedules for non-government records

New York Information Security Breach and Notification Act of 2005 – act includes requirements to inform individuals when a security breach that has caused a loss or when personal information has been released

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