Boston, MA Document Shredding

Boston isn’t just another city, but an established culture of its own. Sports, food, and colleges dominate the headlines but the revolutionary history behind Boston gives the city its foundation.

Even though Boston is a large and well-known city, there is still that small-town community feel when you walk through the friendly streets. History is alive with every step and the Bostonians proudly build upon the groundwork through a mixture of new and established businesses.

Document-Shredding in Boston provides shredding services to the east-coast city and surrounding areas with reliable and local contractors.

Document Shredding Services in Boston

Our document shredding services include mobile shredding, drop off shredding, and off site shredding. Each has their own perks and features to accommodate the growing city of Boston and their specific needs.

Boston Mobile Shredding Services

Document-Shredding can connect you or your organization with a mobile shredding service, which is one of our most convenient options. With this service, a mobile truck equipped with an industrial shredder will appear at your scheduled time and location to pick up and shred your documents on site. The paper will then be transported to be recycled. This is an ideal option for those who also want to watch their documents’ destruction for legal or personal reasons.

Drop Off Shredding in Boston

Want to shred a stack of documents on your own time? Our drop off shredding services are located all throughout the Boston area so that you can take your documents to be shredded whenever you’d like. With most locations charging by the pound, you only pay for what you shred. As always, all the waste is recycled afterwards.

Local Shredding Contractors in Boston

If you are producing high quantities of documents on a regular basis, our local shredding contractors also offer regularly scheduled pick ups for documents to be shredded in an off site location. Not to worry, all documents are kept in locked bins until they reach the destruction site. From small to large businesses, if you don’t want your sensitive documents to build up leading to an increased risk in security breaches, use the off site shredding service to your benefit. Local contractors are all around the Boston and Massachusetts area, including Worcester, Mansfield, and many others.

Relevant Laws and Regulations in Boston

Massachusetts 931-2: mandates specific standards for the disposal of personal records and requires any documents/electronic media containing personal information to be shredded or destroyed

Massachusetts Privacy Law 201-CMR-17: mandates that every person who owns personal information about Massachusetts residents create and maintain a security program to ensure the protection of these private records, whether they are physical or electronic

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