Baltimore, MD Document Shredding

Baltimore, Maryland, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.Bitter cold winters, hard shell crabs, and lacrosse fanatics are just some of the things that will envelop your being once you’ve stepped into the city of Baltimore. The east coast destination offers more than just beautiful, historical landmarks, but also a culture of intelligent people. Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Raven” in Baltimore and since then, the city seems to attract like-minded and driven individuals.

The John Hopkins crowd is huge in Baltimore. It isn’t hard to see that the people here are, at the very least, intellectually gifted. It is also not hard to see why protecting yourself and your business, whether large or small, is a smart decision. With identity theft and data-leaking incidents rising throughout nation, Document-Shredding in Baltimore can help extinguish these worrisome flames with their paper shredding services.

Document Shredding Services in Baltimore

Our document shredding services include mobile shredding, off site shredding, and drop off shredding. Each of these are specialized to accommodate a specific set of needs which vary depending on your home or type of business. Whether a small or large amount of documents needing to be shredded, any project can be executed through one of our professional contractors’ services.

Baltimore Mobile Shredding

With mobile shredding services, a secure truck comes to your location with an industrial shredder equipped to handle all your shredding. This convenient option allows you to stay at your location and you can even watch your unwanted documents during the shredding process if you wish. The mobile trucks can be scheduled to whenever best fits your schedule, and once the shredding is finished, the waste is transported to be recycled. We will come to your Baltimore location or any accompanying area,

Drop Off Shredding in Baltimore

The drop off shredding option is our most flexible option and best suited for small to medium sized shredding projects. Simply gather your unwanted documents, take them to one of our many drop off shredding locations throughout your area, and the rest is taken care of for you. We do the shredding and recycling for you, all you have to do is find a time to drop off the documents. Normally, the services are charged per pound of documents. Drop off locations are sprinkled throughout the area, such as Elkridge and Columbia to name a few, making it easy to find a service near you.

Local Shredding Contractors in Baltimore

For larger shredding projects, an off site shredding service will be the most practical option. Your shred-ready documents will be kept in locked bins and transported off site to be shredded and recycled. The documents can be regularly scheduled for businesses needing a recurring service, or can be scheduled for a one-time purge. You can also request a certificate of destruction for your records.

Local Laws and Regulations in Baltimore

Maryland Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) – ensures that Maryland consumer’s personal information is reasonably protected, and are notified if it is compromised

Maryland SB 591 – a bill that establishes rules regarding keeping, securing, and destroying records that contain personal information on Maryland residents and the response and notification duties in the event of a data breach

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