Albany, NY Document Shredding

Albany is the clean-cut, relaxed version of New York City. There are endless arguments on which is better, but you can still find a great slice of pizza and a faceful of that Atlantic Ocean air in either city. Barely separated by a quarter tank of gas, Albany is the New York state capital with a prevalent historical background which continues to write in the history books today by growing their presence and influence. The population is growing at a much faster rate than New York City, along with the encompassing culture.

Population growth leads to business growth and with business growth comes an increased risk of security breaches. Without a proper implementation of document destruction, the risk of private and sensitive documents accidentally reaching the wrong hands is greatly increased. Document-Shredding can help find a local service provider in Albany to handle all your document shredding requirements for you.

Document Shredding Services in Albany

Finding a paper shredding service is easy using our local  network of professional contractors in Albany. Whether you have a small or large amounts of documents, there’s an option to suit any sized shredding project. Our document shredding services include walk in and drop-off shredding, mobile shredding, and off site shredding.

Mobile Shredding Service in Albany

The mobile shredding services our local providers offer in Albany are a secure and convenient way to shred your sensitive documents without having to pack up and transport any paperwork. With this option, a mobile truck will come to your location equipped with an industrial shredder, ready to turn your unwanted documents into mulch.

Since our mobile shredding truck comes to your location, you can watch as the document destruction happens. This is a great option for those wanting to ensure that their documents are destroyed either from personal preference or if required by certain regulations. Once the papers are destroyed, they are transported to be recycled. With local contractors all over New York, even in areas like Rochester and Syracuse, you are sure to find a contractor near you.

Albany Drop Off Shredding

Drop-off shredding is the shredding service most appropriate for small to medium sized shredding projects. Simply pack up your unwanted paperwork and take them into one of many drop off locations near you. With locations all over the map, you won’t have to go far to drop off your shredding documents.

In most cases, the document shredding is charged by the pound. Therefore, you only pay for what you shred. Our environmentally conscious shredders will recycle your papers afterwards.

Local Shredding Contractors in Albany, NY

The final option, reserved for large projects, is the offsite shredding service. If your New York home or business accumulates documents needing to be destroyed regularly, or you have simply been too busy to shred your old documents and they have built up, the off site shredding service will handle the shredding for you. Using locked bins, our trucks will transport your sensitive and private documents from your location to our off site shredding location. Our network extends throughout the state of New York and in your local, Albany area, so you are sure to find the right service for you.

Local Laws and Regulations in Albany

New York State Information Security Breach and Notification Act – provides residents of New York State with the right to know when a security breach has resulted in the exposure of their private information

New York General Business 399-H – explains how records containing personal identifying information are required to be disposed of businesses

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