From Your Trash Can to Criminal Hands

From Your Trash Can to Criminal Hands

It’s been a long week at the office. As you emerge from your stuffy cubicle to the parking lot, a folder full of papers and an empty coffee cup are flipped into the the dumpster as you start your anticipated weekend.

Pause right there. Those papers in that folder were just trash right?

Now think back on a time when you may have spotted someone rummaging around in a dumpster or public trash can. It isn’t a common sight but it isn’t exactly uncommon either. Maybe they’re just looking for soda cans to recycle for a few bucks. Or just maybe, they’re trying to get their hands on something much more valuable: your private information.

Businesses and residents unknowingly put themselves at risk every day for identity theft and fraud by improperly disposing of paperwork containing sensitive information. Whether this practice stems from carelessness or ignorance, the consequences are all the same for cyber criminals.

What Cyber Criminals Want

So think about it – a trash can isn’t exactly a vault..

Would you hand your documents over to a stranger? It may not be a direct hand-to-hand exchange, but leaving ANY personal or private documents in a trash can without destroying them first is a chance for criminals to find and use them against you.

Shredding all your unwanted documents is not only one of the safest ways to ensure privacy and security, but it’s also the law in most states.

So what kinds of documents are criminals trying to find?

Here are the Top 5:

  1. Bank and credit card statements
  2. Bills and receipts of purchases
  3. W-2, tax, and employee documents
  4. Drivers licenses or any government issued identification
  5. Any paperwork containing personal, identifying information

Criminals see these papers as lottery tickets, and make stealing your identity, committing fraud, and causing other damages that much easier.

The Solution

Document shredding is really one of the safest and most convenient ways to ensure that your paperwork isn’t getting into the wrong hands. If you only have a few documents to shred here and there, you can invest in a paper shredder for your home.

Here’s the problem with a home paper shredder:

  • They constantly break, need maintenance, and run slowly
  • They cause a mess of shredded paper in your home

The proper document shredding service can change all that, and it’s cheaper than you think!

You’ve Got Options!

There are 3 paper shredding service options that are catered to whatever you or your business require:

  1. Drop Off Shredding is the best option for residents or businesses who want to simply drop off their documents to be shredded for them by professionals. This choice requires the least amount of planning and time so if you are on-the-go and want your documents destroyed immediately, drop off shredding is for you.
  2. Are you too busy to leave your location or just want the convenience and security of shredding without packing up your documents and dropping them off? Mobile Shredding can accommodate your needs by sending a truck with an industrial shredder to come to you. Our professionals will shred your documents right at your curbside and recycle the waste.
  3. The final option is Off Site Shredding. From large businesses to residents who just haven’t had the time to shred documents accumulated over time, the Off Site shredding service will make the process a walk in the park. Whether you need a single haul or a regularly scheduled service, your documents will be stored in locked bins and transported to a secure, off site shredding location.

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