Why Should We Shred and Recycle Our Paper Documents?

Each of us ensures that we lock our doors at night to secure our home against strangers. We carefully guard our passwords and pin numbers, keeping them private and we delete any personal or sensitive information from our email, computer and mobile phones. Yet many of us still do not take these same safety precautions when it comes to the paper documents in our homes and businesses.

Identity theft is a very real crime which is becoming more and more common. The best way for us to protect ourselves from becoming the next victim of this crime is to ensure that any paper documents we no longer require which may contain any of our private or sensitive information are shredded and then recycled.This allows us to be completely confident that all of our personal information is completely safe from anyone who may wish to use it for their own gain. Once documents have been shredded, the paper can then be disposed of in the recycling bin in addition to the rest of our rubbish.

Each day we receive letters, bills, invoices and other correspondence through the mail. Once we have actioned these documents and they are no longer required, it is very important to ensure that these items are handled appropriately by shredding them.
Incorporating shredding into your filing and record management routine should be quick and easy. It takes just a few seconds per document to insert into the shredder, transforming a single sheet into a pile of thin paper strands in an instant. It can also be incredibly satisfying to see for yourself that what was just a moment ago your bank statement, is now completely safe confetti.
Expired ATM cards can also be safely disposed of by this same method. Investing in a small shredder from any stationary supplier may only cost a small amount of money, however buying this must have item and of course, more importantly to actually use it regularly to safely dispose of appropriate documents is a benefit that will more than pay for iteself many times over.Being diligent about this and spending just a few minutes, making it part of our usual practice is the ideal way to maintain the security and privacy that our personal information deserves.