Why Every Business Should Destroy Hard Drives

Hard drive destruction is a vital and necessary part of disposing of an old computer due to the amount of personal and customer data that inevitably accumulates with use. In this article we will explore some of the reasons and methods for destroying hard drives.

Without a doubt, all businesses should definitely take the safe route and destroy all hard drives prior to disposing of them. The hard drives should be destroyed with a company representative witnessing it first hand.

If you need to dispose of hard drives, many document shredding companies offer this service.

Some companies have hydraulic machines that can punch a hole in a hard drive, 1 at a time. This machine may be located on board a shredding truck, or it may be a portable device which can be wheeled into the office and plugs into a regular electrical outlet.

Other shredding companies simply load the hard drives into their shredding truck where they are quickly grinded to smithereens.

Simply using a ‘data shredding’ software program to delete data is not sufficient!

There is software that can be downloaded from the internet which claims to shred electronic files. Certainly this can be a useful type of software in the short term, to add an extra measure of security when deleting files.

hard-drive-shredding-destructionHowever, this is no substitute for destroying a hard drive when retiring a computer. Some companies may run this file shredding software on the computer, thinking that it is an adequate security measure, and then drop the computers off at a computer recycling shop.

The problem is, that very often the data can be recovered, and the type of data may included sensitive business information or customer information.

It is always better to take the safe route and have the hard drive destroyed. When a machine punches a large hole through the center of the hard drive, the data basically cannot be recovered.

With current technology, even a team of experts with expensive equipment and a lab would have a hard time getting any data off of a hard drive that has been punched through the middle. In most cases it simply would not be worth it to any would-be thief.

If a hard drive is shredded, it would be even harder to recover data. Add to that the elements of water and rust on the hard drive after it has been disposed of and it is safe to call it ‘unrecoverable’ for all intensive purposes.

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