Why Degaussing A Computer Hard Drive May Not Be The Solution

Degaussing has been a long accepted practice to get rid of data on a hard drive before disposing of a computer.

It is said the degaussing progress erases data and leaves the data unrecoverable.

While it is definitely a good idea to get rid of data before disposing of a hard drive, one should take a couple of factors into consideration as to whether degaussing is the best solution.

1. Modern hard drives have extremely strong protection against demagnetizing.

What this means is that hard drive degaussers have to use a very strong magnetic field to degauss the hard drive. This process can potentially be dangerous to people in the vicininty (think strong magnetic fields, like an x-ray machine)

2. Degaussing leaves no physical proof that data was destroyed!

A degaussed hard drive looks exactly the same as a hard drive full of sensitive data. Even if one is working with a reputable company, there is no way of telling that the data has been wiped, unless you want to try to stick the hard drive back into a computer and reboot it.

Hard drive destruction – A safer solution?

With hard drive destruction, a big hole is punched through the center of the hard drive. This makes data unrecoverable, and gives physical, verifiable proof that the hard drive has been rendered useless. Check out this article in order to find out more on why it is important to destroy your hard drive.

Another option is to have the hard drives shredded.

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