What is Online Document Storage?

Backup Your Files with Online Document Storage

Online document storage, also known as online file storage, provides a reliable, advanced means of backing up your important documents. This mode of file backup goes well beyond the standard methods, such as external hard drives, CDs, and USB drives. With information technology continuing to expand and improve, you don’t want your company to be left behind. Investing in online file storage ensures that your business will be more efficient, more effective, and remain on the cutting edge.

What Makes Online Document Storage a Cut Above the Rest?

One of the advantages of an online system is its automated feature. Instead of having to save each individual file separately, a “routine” is set up wherein users have their files backed up automatically. This process is not only time saving, but guarantees the safe storage of all your important documents.

By far the greatest advantage offered by online file storage is document backup on a remote, off-site server, rather than where the document originated. This means is that in the event of breach, theft, system crash, or natural disaster, you can rest assured that your backed up files are safe somewhere else. Otherwise, in an emergency situation you run the risk of losing both your originals and your backups with little or no chance of recovering them. Moreover, you won’t lose days or significant downtime due to data loss since recovery can be completed within hours.

And the news gets even better since at any time and from any computer, you can retrieve your files through your server. And given the competitive nature of the business, the costs of paying for an online storage provider have gone down significantly. Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on new hard-drive devices, for a monthly fee you can hire a service provider who will take care of your all document storage and security needs for you.

Superior Encryption of Confidential Files

If you work in an industry where storing highly confidential information is imperative, online file storage offer the ideal solution. Conventional modes of file backup are vulnerable to security breaches and can be easily accessed by anyone. With the advanced technology of online file storage, your documents are encrypted such that only individuals with the proper login details and passwords can gain access to the system.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Online Document Storage?

Here is a summary of the ways your organization can reap the rewards of online document storage:

  • Remote (off-site) backup of all documents
  • Automated backup of files
  • Sophisticated security system
  • Data protection from viruses and hackers
  • Files can be accessed from several locations/networks
  • Strong encryption protocol allowing access only to authorized users
  • Easy document retrieval
  • Recovery capabilities in the face system crashes or natural disaster
  • Safest storage of confidential and sensitive data
  • Reduced costs for backup hardware
  • Reduced file storage costs