What is Document Scanning?

The Buzz about Document Scanning

If you own a business or run an organization, no doubt you have heard the buzz about document scanning. In fact, in this Age of Information, where record keeping and data protection procedures play a vital role in the success of the workplace, document scanning has become a priority across the industry spectrum.

In a nutshell, document scanning is used to make digital copies of hard-copy files and paper-based documents. These electronically converted records can then be safely stored on your computer, a CD or other digital storage device, or even on the Internet. Digital files are easy to access and edit and are formatted as searchable documents. Moreover, document scanning and uploading is now the number one means of backing up copies of important legal, medical, financial, and other corporate or private files.

Whether you do your own scanning or hire a professional document scanning service to assist you, “going digital” is a key ingredient in the greater scheme of modern-day information management. To find the best document scanning solutions for you or your company, fill out the quote form on the right.

What Document Scanning Can Do for Your Organization or Business

Here is a look at how document scanning can benefit your business and why organizations worldwide are using scanning techniques to improve their overall efficiency and success:

  • Digital scanning of physical (hard-copy) documents provides an enduring electronic version which can be easily accessed.
  • Improves workplace and office efficiency.
  • Allows for smoother and more streamlined operations, leading to increased productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Cuts down on reams of paper, freeing up precious office space and helping protect natural resources
  • Eliminates the need for bulky file cabinets and having to pay someone to manually file and search for information in filing cabinets
  • Reduces storage┬áspace/warehouse expenses
  • Allows for the subsequent safe destruction, shredding, and recycling of paper materials
  • Digital files can easily be backed up, providing vital data protection in case of damage or disaster

Who Can Benefit from Using Document Scanning Services?

Today’s professional scanning companies cater to a wide range of offices and individuals. Among those using document scanning services are: Medical facilities, legal firms, private businesses, public corporations, government agencies, financial firms, and more.

What Types of Paperwork Can Be Scanned?

As scanning equipment become more sophisticated, the range of paperwork types that can be scanned is increasing exponentially. Types of documents which can now be converted into electronic versions include:

  • Project files, client files, patient files, etc
  • Payroll Records
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Manuals
  • Drawings
  • Architectural Plans
  • Correspondences
  • Books and Magazines
  • Articles
  • Moreover, thanks to technological advances in the scanning industry, digital formats of scanned material now include PDF, TIF, JPEG, and more.
  • Professional Document Scanning Services
  • Enhanced Quality of Scanned Materials and Scanning Services

Whether you have a single box of documents to scan or several years’ worth of paper material piled up, modern scanning equipment can do the job quickly and succinctly. In fact, today’s high-speed scanners can manage over 500,000 pages in single day. This means that when you employ the services of a professional scanning company, not only will they collect your materials and transform them into digital copies, but they can deliver your disks the same day. And in terms of space saving benefits, here’s another piece of scanning trivia for you: It is estimated that about three filing cabinets’ worth of information can be stored on a single CD ROM!

And the news from the scanning industry gets even better. Today’s high-end scanning machines can produce both black & white and color versions and are equipped to handle a range of original document sizes. And with the advent of image enhancement and data capture software, the quality of the scanned image can surpass that of a poor original.

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