Ten Things To Consider When Choosing A Document Shredding Service

Document shredding services can provide an invaluable vehicle for protecting a business or personal homeowner from fraud and identity theft. It is critical that papers are shredded regularly. Paper shredding is nothing new.

In fact, it has existed since the early 1900s. It only began to gain popularity however after the 1950s, when governments began using it as a result of the cold war. In the earliest days of the document shredder, only governments saw a need to shred critical documents.

Later, other business owners began to see a need for protecting critical business information and began investing in paper shredders.

This was the result of industrial espionage and what was affectionately referred to as “dumpster diving,” usually reserved for discovering the critical details of corporate inner workings or trademarks, patents, and other important information about a company’s inner strengths and weaknesses.

Document Shredding Investigation

dumpster-diving-identity-thief-medical-records-prevent-data-breach-8Today dumpster diving is still popular. However criminals are not CIA agents, cold war spies, or anything of the sort. For all you know the person digging through your paper trash may live three doors down.

It may be a perfect stranger, a criminal interested in stealing your identity, so they can perform false transactions, all in the name of business.

With criminal intention that is; thanks to modern technology and a few tidbits of personal information, identity theft is more popular than ever.

That is one reason that document shredding has become more popular than ever (find out 6 more reasons for using document shredding services here).

Because identity theft is so rampant, it is more important than ever that a business of any sizes and shape, and personal homeowners, invest in a good document shredding service.

This is particularly the case if you have large volumes of paper to shred regularly.

10 Things You Need to Consider When Hiring A Shredding Service

If you plan to invest in a shredding service, here are ten things to consider when choosing a document shredding service.

  • Cost. Find out how much a document shredding service costs, and compare it with other services. Is it cost effective for you? Will there be extra charges for any of your needs and if so what will they be and when are they incurred?
  • Recycling. Does the document shredding service engage in environmentally sustainable practices? Is this important to you?
  • Length of time in business. How long has the business been open? Does the document shredding service have references that it can provide to you?
  • Size. Is it a small or large business? Can it handle the volume of business that you have? Does the price change depending on the size of business that you are?
  • Paperless products. Will it shred items other than paper? If so, how does it manage these services? Are there additional costs associated with these services? What arrangements need to be made?
  • Security. Will they provide you with a security bin for your shredding? Will you get a uniquely made key to secure your bin, or a combination lock for your bin? If not how can you be sure that your documents are safe? Can you change the lock on the bin?
  • Frequency. How often will they come? Do you need to plan ahead? Can you call in for pickups? Can they come in during non-business hours? Is there an extra fee for these services?
  • Licensing. Do they have certification in the document shredding industry? If not are they working toward it? Have they been audited to verify their document shredding practices? Will they provide you with a copy of this?
  • Other materials. Will they take boxes of shredding for you to be shred? Does all material have to be in the bins that they provide? Can they make exceptions to the rule for you?
  • Representative. Will you have the same representative come out to pick up shredding? If not will you have one or two reps? Can you request the same rep? Will they accommodate special requests?

These questions will help you decide on the best document shredding service for your organization. Do not be afraid to be choosy, as it is important to make a good choice when it comes to securing your organization’s documents.

Set aside some time to select a reputable contractor so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to picking the best contractor.

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