Securely Shredding Confidential Documents

Business owners have a pretty good idea about the amount of paperwork that can accumulate in their office.  If you have lots of documents stored in your office, you would have difficulty in controlling those documents that contain confidential data.

They can get lost or stolen and used by unauthorized individuals.  If you don’t control your documents, the personal information of your customers and employees can be used for identity theft.

This can result in loss of customers, sales and even in lawsuits. This can damage your business’ reputation and affect your revenue seriously.

This is why it is important that you shred all the unwanted documents in your office. When it comes to securing the documents in your office, it would be required to implement secure document shredding systems to classify, store and dispose of all the important documents in a secure way.

Make sure that the documents are not shredded in a way to allow anyone to put the papers back together.

What You Shouldn’t Do When You Shred Your Documents

IBusinessmen's Handsf you want to securely shred your documents, you cannot rely on the average office shredders found in department stores and supply stores, because they cannot destroy the documents completely.

An important precaution is to prevent your employees from taking any sensitive documents out of the office.

In addition, the documents shouldn’t ever be just disposed of by throwing the paperwork into the garbage.

At the same time, it is also important that papers are never placed in a recycle bag so that they can be picked up for recycling.

Even though, this is a smart idea for other types of papers, it is not a good idea for your office documents.

It is also important that only authorized and responsible personnel in the office are given the authority for classifying a document to be ready for shredding. In addition, an authorized person should also verify if the documents have been destroyed securely.

What you SHOULD Do When You Shred Your Documents

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Most offices seriously consider appropriate policies of disposing of confidential documents (a quick guide on how to create one can be found here).

However, the unique thing is that most companies end up not investing in secure shredders or setting appropriate policies or enforcement of proper data disposal.

It is not uncommon for confidential papers to be left on an employee’s table or go missing.

It is crucial to understand the importance of proper document shredding and disposal, so much so that even if you leave a utility bill or a paper with your name and address, it can turn into the key for identity theft.

A helpful tip would be to sort out all the documents that contain crucial information including personal information and arrange for their shredding.

Other less important documents can be left for recycling. This would help save time and the consumption of electricity if you are using a shredder.

Keep in mind that the Federal Trade Commission requires organizations to dispose of information received from consumers.

In addition, local laws can also duplicate these regulations and make it even more important to use paper-shredding methods for keeping customer information protected.

When you regularly use secure shredding methods, you are simply eliminating the legal liabilities on your organization.

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