How To Recycle Shredded Documents


Due to environmental concerns, most businesses are recycling most of their used and trashed office papers. The most effective way to dispose of sensitive documents is to shred them. However, when it comes to recycling, keep in mind that there are some challenges to dealing with shredded paper.


It takes some effort in taking the shredded paper to the recycling hub in a clean and responsible way. If one were going to give the shredded paper to the local recycling depot, then one should get in touch with the recycling pickup service and find how they prefer to pick up the shredded paper. Below are a few other effective ways at recycling used or shredded paper if not using the local recycling center.

Effective Ways to Recycle Shredded Documents

One effective method to reuse shredded paper is to compost it. Confidential data can be perfectly removed using composting, eliminating the chances of any type of identity theft. This is an indirect form of recycling where you would be returning paper to the soil.

recycling-shredded-documentsIf there is no compost bin available, you can add a little bit of shredded paper to a wormery.

Another application would be to use the paper as bedding for pets. Shredded paper can be placed below straw or other beddings to create a comfortable space or pillow for pets. In addition, it can also be used in cats’ litter boxes.

Shredded paper also makes effective and safe packing material for different types of items. It is much more environmentally-friendly compared to polystyrene. If your organization has the resources, shredded paper can also be used for making your own paper.

The Difficulty of Recycling Shredded Paper

Keep in mind that shredded paper is difficult to recycle compared to whole paper. There are a number of reasons behind this.  The first reason is that shredded paper has fibers of shorter length. This reduces the recycling prospects of the paper.

On the other hand, whole paper has longer fibers that can be used for making better grade paper. They can also be recycled several times.

When it comes to recycling, paper mills sort out paper by quality. However, when paper is shredded, it is difficult to determine its quality. most of the recycling units use special filters that remove non-fibrous materials out of shredded paper, including plastics.

With so many limitations on shredded paper recycling, it is most important that you let only the professional recyclers handle this task.

Using Shredding Services Give Back

difficulty-recycling-shredded-paperWhile recycling shredded paper is one important part of what your organization can give back to nature, it is equally important to cut down on the use of paper.

There are many practices that can be implemented in your office to help this cause. The first would be to eliminate junk mails by asking marketers to remove you from their mailing lists.

Next, you can reuse papers in the office by using the blank side or using used paper for scratch work. A wiser thing would be to shred only confidential and sensitive documents(on why this is important you can read here).

As more and more businesses are going paperless, you should also make an effort to reduce your dependency on paper.

However, it is still not possible to entirely eliminate the use of paper from any office at this point; therefore, you should make sure there is a secure and easy-to-use shredding system in place.

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