How Document Shredding Can Help Your Business

Using a mobile shredding service is an easy an convenient way for businesses to run more efficiently, take care of their customer’s data, and keep trade secrets.

However, some businesses may be uncomfortable hiring a shredding company if they have never used one before and instead waste valuable man-hours using an in house shredding machine.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss how a mobile paper shredding service works, and how we can help you find a local shredding provider right in your area!

Step 1. You can request price quotes from shredding companies in your area.

Get Free Quotes on Document Shredding ServicesRequesting shredding price quotes can be done with a quick search online in your area by going to our nationwide directory, or you can use a quote request form on the right to figure out the price ranges.

It may help to have a checklist of what you need or require in front of you, so that you can ask a shredding company representative the appropriate questions and then decide which service best fits your needs and budget.

You can find a checklist of what features to look for in a shredding company by reading this article.

Step 2. Pick a service and get secure, lockable paper containers for your offices.

Msecure-shredding-binost if not all mobile shredding companies offer free secure shredding bins as part of a regularly scheduled shredding program.  These are used instead of regular trash cans for all the paperwork in your office.

They may be plain metal, or may have a nice polished finish and resemble nice pieces of office furniture, and can be dispersed throughout the office spaces so that papers can conveniently be discarded there by employees and management.

Step 3: The shredding company comes with a shredding truck on a scheduled basis and shreds your office paper at your location.

Businesses will generally use weekly, monthly, or quarterly mobile shredding services services.

Tmobile-shredding-truck1he shredding company employee will arrive at the scheduled time, park the truck on the premises, and wheel the secure consoles out from the office.

The shredding bins will be unlocked, and the paper will be deposited via a lift into the shredding compartment of the truck.

Many of the newer shredding trucks are equipped with video cameras so that a representative from your business can see for sure that the papers are being shredded.

Sometimes other media may be shredded too, such as DVDs or hard drives.

Step 4: At this point, usually the shredding company rep will issue a “certificate of destruction” with date, time, location, quantity, cost etc…

This certificate may help your business in case of a legal issue but may not be all that is required.

In any case, it is an important business record for you to keep track of.  It is a good idea to have the shredding company sign for fiduciary responsibility for the shredded paper.

Step 5: The Recycling Process Begins

Generally, the shredded paper is brought back to the shredding company’s premises where it is baled using hydraulic compression machines. These bales of shredded paper are then sold to bulk paper purchasers.

Step 6: Your old documents get recycled into some sort of product.

Making new paper products from shredded office paper frequently uses between 40% and 60% the amount of energy it takes to get wood pulp from trees.

lThe Environmental Protection Agency‎ claims that recycling paper causes about 1/3 less water pollution and 3/4 less air pollution than the production and manufacturing of virgin paper.

You might also find statistics that we presented here quite astonishing! So by using a shredding service, you are helping the environment (as well as your business!)

The office paper may be recycled into products such as waste paper tissue, like the type you find in bathrooms to dry your hands.

Or it may be used in a variety of other paper products. The cycle is complete and the documents that where once needed to be disposed of are now useful paper products.

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