7 Reasons To Use Secure Document Shredding Services For Your Business

Government laws, identity thieves, and competitors are always looking for trade secrets.

It’s important to find a way to dispose of files that have critical company information or personally identifiable information.

That’s where using a document shredding service can come in handy to protect your company information from prying eyes.

Secure Document Shredding Service Can Help Protect Your Business

Here are 7 reasons why we recommend getting a free quote from a local shredder today!

1.  Keep business secrets and proprietary information secure

Are You ProtectedCompetitors diving in dumpsters has cost more than a few companies millions of dollars in lost profits.

With secure, locking paper containers located around the workplace, it is harder for would be thieves to get a hold of the paper.

Keep your competitive advantage and make more money! With a secure mobile shredding service, you can eliminate (or minimize) risk of competitors and make more money.

2. More efficient than using an office shredder at the workplace

Qualified, educated employees might find it downright offensive if they are told to stand there and shred paper. Some employees might just ignore shredding if it gets burdensome.

Shredding paper is at best a menial, unskilled task that should not be assigned to trained employees. In general, it is not efficient to use man-hours to shred and discard paper.

3. Cheaper than using an office shredder at the workplace

Office shredding machines can cost a lot of money- and the less-expensive options overheat and jam easily.  They may also need maintenance, and the paper still has to be disposed of after it is shredded.

For the same amount of money or less than buying an office shredder, a local shredding company will come and install locking bins around the workplace. The paper is simply deposited here, and then shredded regularly in the shredding truck.

4. Helps the environment

7 ways that document shredding is awesomeWith an office shredder it is less likely that the paper will be recycled. Usually, paper that is shredded by an office shredder is just bagged and tossed in a dumpster.

Shredding companies make money from recycling the shredded paper, so it is more likely they will do it.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that producing paper from recycled office paper causes around 1/3 less water pollution and 3/4 less air pollution than the production of paper from trees. Read more on the environmental impact of document shredding here.

5. Shredding Can Improve Your Customer Service.

For businesses that strive for excellence in customer service, using a professional shredding service is a logical business practice. It shows that you care about your customers.

6. Work With Experts

Complying with various shredding laws may not always be a simple task. In some industries, it requires a lot of research and interpretation of laws. When you hire an experienced, professional shredding company, you are working with people who probably have lot’s of experience and knowledge. Just the knowledge alone can be worth the costs.

7. Helps businesses meet legal requirements for document destruction

regulations-document-shredding-servicesRegular recycling services pay almost no attention to security.

Using a professional shredding service that issues certificates of destruction and acknowledges responsibility for the papers.

This helps to decrease legal exposure and shows that your business takes information privacy seriously.

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